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  1. (stuff snipped) You know when you have stuff to do but you still need to know what your kids are doing when you can't keep your eyes on them? How the hell do you do it? I can hardly get any major stuff done. (more stuff snipped Build a Kid Corral... best thing I ever did. At least you won't have to listen to her scream while she's in it!!!
  2. Why nashville? goto the farm. get lots of jumps. prolly too late to get started for for a jump at BD this year unless you have a lot of money and free time on your hands. plan for next year. at least you got the weather in your favor we need rain BAAADly. -gardner
  3. What's not so accurate about it? It's a kids book!!!!! I thought it was great! I'm gonna buy one for my kids. German and biology lessons all wrapped up in one cover. ganz gut. -gardner
  4. Ladybugs and Praying Mantis -Gardner
  5. Was that a bareboat charter or was it fully crewed/provisioned? I've given some thought to getting my ASA cert. for bareboat charters and going that route sometime soon. Any pointers/tips? I have over 20 years sailing experience... racing mostly, but have never bothered to get the asa cert for bareboat charters. -gardner
  6. Damn right it does... they grow proportionally larger... oversized, vodka-impregnated gummi bears mmmmmm............
  7. Quick jello shots: bag or two or five of gummy bears cheapazz bottle of vodka put gummy bears in mason jar fill to cover gummy bears with vodka let stand 'til vodka absorbed by gummy bears enjoy. cya there! -Gardner
  8. Like I like my women... Hot and Bitter. -Gardner
  9. Pack like I've always packed: without packing aids. (except, of course, my trusty Triax T-Stake) Thanks Triax! -Gardner
  10. Interesting that you picked up on the 'conflicting statements' between the regulation (36 CFR 2.17(a)(3)) and the 2001 Management Policies. When NPS wrote the conflicting section of the Management Policies, it put into writing its long-standing management policy which it had denied existed: that - regardless of the permit provisions of 36 CFR 2.17(a)(3) - NPS was not going to issue a permit. You will also be interested to know that the 2001 Management Policies are now outdated. Through the support of its membership, the Alliance of Backcountry Parachutists successfully argued for change of Section during the NPS' re-write of its 2006 Management Policies. The new controlling version of the Management Policies reads as follows: Section - Parachuting Parachuting (or BASE jumping), whether from an aircraft, structure, or natural feature, is generally prohibited by 36 CFR 2.17(a)(3). However, if determined through a park planning process to be an appropriate activity, it may be allowed pursuant to the terms and conditions of a permit. The ABP accomplished several key changes in this re-write. First, it removes the outright prohibition from the management policies and places the decision-making authority BACK into the hands of the superintendents, whom we feel are best-suited to make management decisions affecting their parks, not NPS headquarters. Next, the ABP argued that the, "not an appropriate public use activity," language in the 2001 version (and a couple of the 2006 draft versions) automatically stigmatized the activity from the outset of any planning negotiations; this was subsequently changed in the final draft, as you can see. Finally, the Management Policies re-write afforded the ABP an opportunity to forge new relationships with policymakers from the top down and the bottom up. There is no doubt (to me, at least) that we are now significantly farther along the path toward gaining access than ever before. I invite you to check out our Archives section on the ABP website: The Alliance of Backcountry Parachutists There you will find many documents related to the fight for access and the history of access in context. Hope this helps your essay. Contact me if you have any questions. Thanks, Gardner Sapp executive director The Alliance of Backcountry Parachutists, Inc.
  11. the dirty sanchez laughing skull... How y'all doin? -g
  12. The more things change... ...the more things stay the same. -Gardner
  13. yeah but imagine the rush freefallin' through all those branches ;) -gardner