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  1. I think he is trying to make a point, however inelegantly.
  2. remember that on no wind days your downwind leg and final leg of your pattern will have similar lengths/ ground distances. Taking that into consideration would have altered your pattern initiation point, if you wanted to land at point D.
  3. I would like to give you my opinion as well. #1 How big is big ? 2cm or 20 cm #2 Where in the liver, in the middle, right on the edge etc. #3 I would rather see a gastroenterologist or a hepatologist than a sports medicine doctor. Hemangiomas don't really fall under the realm of sports medicine ;) #4 if it's big enough, and in an area where marginal trauma might rupture it, carefully examine the potential risks and complications of proposed surgery. Significant trauma can cause liver rupture in ANY individual, and you could bleed to death irregardless of hemangioma or not. I just threw that last bit in the mix to put it into persepctive. Good luck with pursuiing your dream !
  4. I use an Ozone and will give you my impression. #1 Nice and quiet on the plane ride up, but not to the point where you cannot hear people. I would compare it to having soft foam earplugs in........give or take. #2 2 audible pockets. Nice little material pockets that fit to recessions in the helmet either side, underneath the liner. #3 snug fit #4 The D3O was a factor for me when buying it, but the amount they use is so small, I don't think it really has any overall impact. cheers.
  5. PiLFy, I think I like you. I don't think I agree with you, but that's where all the fun lies. Nothing better than someone you can argue with, and still be civil about it. Even with a little wise - assing You have a good weekend too.
  6. OK, I thought you implied that the physician was incompetent with your doc-in-a-box story. .. To me the Kenny vs Spenny idea was funny, but that"s just me amusing myself. Some people know a little and pretend to know a lot, and visa versa I'll stop now. Some people k
  7. Hi Spenny You don't have to be a qualified ENT to know something about ears. Can you hear me?
  8. If you have a hole in your eardrum, there is nothing to equalize, since you will automatically have the same pressure on both sides of the eardrum. Therefore, I don't see a problem in jumping. The problem lies within the reason your eardrum popped in the first place..........plugged eustachian tubes etc. This problem likely persists and might cause complications when the eardrum is healed again. Remember, grommets in children is essentially a hole in the eardrum. Happy jumping.
  9. Arai XD is no lightweight, even for a bike helmet. It will help if you bump heads with someone in freefall, but could be a drawback if you have a bad landing. The induced cervical spine movement can cause other damage, thats why the boyz wear Leatt type braces with bike helmets nowadays. Some time ago someone developed a helmet with a flexible outer skin to try and negate unwanted neck movement on impact. 6 of one, half a dozen of the other..........
  10. There is a kind of a conflict in there. On the one hand you have : but then again : So depending on where the semen goes you either have depression and low blood pressure or you're not depressed but you've got high blood pressure. Makes sense to me. You have to be pregnant to develop pre-eclampsia. You ( meaning the female participants of the study) won't get pregnant if all you do is swallow sperm. Voila!
  11. That's an interesting statement. and I mean that in as neutral a way as possible
  12. As far as I am aware Argus does that, but I am not allowed to use my Argus anymore, and I cannot find any info in the Cypres user manual about activation elevation adjustment at different fallrates. Do you have black on white handy?
  13. I agree with some of the sentiment in the post by phoenixlpr, and I am sorry, I don't really care if I offend or not. This whole argument doesn't answer my question/thoughts regarding this problem, unless I missed it somewhere. I also feel that I would like MY AAD to fire higher than 750 ft. NOT when the vertical descent has allready slowed down from an open main, and then accelerates due to a cutaway, BUT when I passed through the 1500ft mark at terminal belly speed or more ( read.......UNCONSCIOUS). THEN I would like it to fire at 1000ft. These are arbitrary numbers,and I am sure they can be substantiated by testing in the air, and not close to the ground. ( it's probably gonna hurt a bit) At least it will give my reserve some extra time to clear whatever obstacles it has to, because of a less than perfect body position. And if it still doesn't work then......well, at least I won't have to pay for a re-pack.
  14. Ha-ha-ha That's funny I also have an Argus, and paid more for mine.............at least I got 40 odd jumps on it. You have to realize, that sometimes.......the person standing closest to the fan, knows a fraction of a second before everyone else, when the shit is gonna hit. That's life. I'm keeping my Argus, but will replace the unit with a Cypres in my rig. cheers