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  1. If it is Tax Evasion and if like many'ers claim, bill does not properly maintain his aircraft. Then the bulk of a tax evasion case is pretty easy. If Bill claims that the maintenance was done, he also has to claim that he paid for it to be done. A fraudulent business expense, and write-down on his taxes. That's the ball game right there. Might even be able to tack on felony fraud, and money laundering. Then there is the whole question of who he payed for what. Since a large proportion of the "contractors" probably don't claim the income, and bill never 1099's them (he might not have to, even for amounts up to 20k/200 payments) then it could very well look like he is making up other expenses as well. If you've been "working there" it might be a good idea to double check your taxes... I did notice in the report that the department of labor was there as well. If they do bend you over for past taxes I'm sure there is a labor code violation or two they might be interested in details of. Hopefully not to much shit rolls down hill on people. I kept expecting to see Bill to ride of into the sunset the last few years, but I guess I can't really see him sitting on beach sipping Mai Tai's without puppet strings to pull all day. I guess riding it to the end is the only way for him. I hope we don't see it end this way. As much of a dick as he could be on occasion the sport does in many ways owe him a debt of gratitude.
  2. Was the DZ open today? An upside airplane in a vineyard and a tandem accident as a result of fraudulent/questionable ratings might have gotten Bill the attention. But I'd bet pretty much anything the FBI isn't there over some maintenance and ratings violation. Criminal statutes... Thinking more along the lines of AL Capone here. My only question is which country bill's flying an otter full of cash too right now!
  3. What about a BASE container and Belly mount reserve? Much easier to make a smaller container, cheaper to manufacture as well (no TSO complications). Possibly even snekor style chest mounted toggles w something like a 180 ultralite ZP canopy? Some Little people have normal size bodies, but short limbs. Some are just all little. I would think the short limbs would make for a very fast faller, and very little control over fall rate and movement...
  4. Entertainment for the ADD generation, quick edits about all the fun to be had jumping off stuff, with and without skis and parachutes. These guys are killing it, latest edit a little Swiss Valley base jumping and the First two Stops of the Freeride World Tour. Second is red bull airforce members Mike Swanson, John Devore and Andy Farrington chasing skiers Timy and JT with speed wings down the steeps of Juneau AK. If you want to check out the rest of the fun-jumpers series they're all here at
  5. None of the jumpers are credited on there. Pete Swan is listed for rigging though.
  6. definitely gonna need to add these to the you must have 2oo jumps list. think of all the things that could go wrong while your distracted by your fancy goggles!!!
  7. So who has said no to a paying student with 200 jumps that wants to go wingsuiting? Exceptional my ass...
  8. and that readme only covers the USPA, which like other things US related only cover things the lawyers think will make them money. Look at the recomendations of a few other countries... Ive seen as low as 50... Frankly, you have already decide to risk YOUR life by hurling it at the earth at 120mph, the chance that a camera is going to lead to you taking someone else out is small and you should put one on your head whenever you feel like it. And there is a differnce between "camera flying" and video logging.
  9. Oh my god! Your pants have a pocket? on the leg? and it holds cargo? what on earth are you going to put in there? and it's totally going to prevent you from falling toward the earth properly, and your going to die... Seriously, its just a pocket...
  10. More BASE then sky, but entertaining none the less check it out!
  11. F111 base canopies have a much shorter lifespan then ZP skydiving canopies. 100's of jumps rather then 1000's. Ultralite canopies even more so... Get a big skydiving canopy and sell it when you start base
  12. Been known to jump there from time to time... Just there today infact.
  13. So if I were to place an order in the next couple weeks for a ghost it would be a ghost 3 that arrives?
  14. Actually car contents are rarely if ever covered by car insurance. Homeowners/renters insurance is needed.
  15. A mix of everything. Sick freeflying, attempted XRW, Hybrids and base. With a little skiing and ski base thrown in.