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  1. So some footage I used it's from an Nasa's experiment called Project Excelsior 1959/1960 That guy Joseph Kittinger passed through atmosphere about 31 Km altitude by Helium Baloon (so you right !). If I remember right, after him others try to do something similar, but all of them died. Anyway I liked to use those frames, in that way, just for editing reasons But of course I aggree with your remark
  2. Hi I have done that clip for the Empuriabrava Vector Film Contest if you like it , please pass the word http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMqDebPRIeo Thank you Bye
  3. I see "you" Take it easy guys I Just said "Take a look" that's all ! It's just a short editing play I wouldn't offend anyone of your community if have offended somebody I say: "sorry"