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  1. Are there any steps i can take to minimizing the problems? Maybe putting the camera in a box to prevent air buffering or am i pretty much s.o.l. and need a totally different camera?
  2. I have a HDR-PJ10 that im having problems with getting a good video. The camera is mounted on a flattop vapor.The video seems very shaky so in an attempt to correct this problem i have done the following but with no luck.... - Tightened all mounts and made sure nothing is loose - Tried shooting with stabilization in ACTIVE mode and STANDARD. -Havent tried with stabilization completely off yet. The video seems to be at the worst when i am filming belly down, flat and stable but once im in a track or glide, it seems to smooth out a bit... Are there some setting im missing? I think i have read in the owners manual that the camera can sense when it is falling and protects the hard drive when it feels this.. Could turning that feature off possibly solve this? Any help is appreciated.
  3. Not sure if you have figured it out or not but here is what i have. I recently started jumping camera aswell. The camera is located on a vapor flat top. I couldnt figure out what was making my video so shaky in freefall but still and perfect inside the plane and under canopy... I figured out that the velcro that i had holding the screen door shut wasnt holding it shut tight enough and air was getting behind the screen and making it vibrate, therefore making the video shaky... If your camera is in a box, put some velcro on it.. If not, put a strap, buckle, or stow-band around the door to keep it closed tightly...
  4. Im not trying to suggest that what is done in the military is ok to do in the civilian realm, we all know that both sides of the fence operate with different rules. Also, in no way am i trying to engage in an argument....I am simply asking point of views on the subject.... If its a distraction thing, then whats to say a ruck is less distracting then a camera... I ask this because i do fly a ruck regularly and have never flown a camera, so i am trying to find a common senses on how alike the two might be(in regards to destraction). I realize that with a ruck your just burning a hole in the sky and a camera is more of a dynamic skillset. but if one were able to fly a ruck and and the rest of the "get up" do you think that he would be more apt to catch on to the skill of flying a camera sooner than the BSRs #.......
  5. DSE.... I know where you are coming from with the respect of 2 totally different disciplines... I was a civilian jumper prior to being a military jumper and since then i have developed two totally different views on the entire sport.... its an interesting subject and would love to hear others input on the whole deal. i understand that a great deal of civilian jumpers dont know what the military freefall training involves and vise versa. opinions share ideas and facts and who knows, they might bring to light bring issues not discussed before....
  6. So, correct me if im wrong but what im gathering from your post is that it doesnt matter what kind of experience you have with in those # of jumps that the BSRs state, it only matters if you have that specific number? ........This is in regards to the very first post after the initial
  7. So, I have been tossing this idea around and figured id put it on this forum to see what folks think. The BSRs state that the recommendation for jumping a camera is a C license. That means at a very least, 200 jumps. Now, in discussion with alot of folks, i have determined that this is due to the fact that people want experience in the air before someone adds another element of distraction hence, posing a pretty hazardous situation. However, a military jumper is thrown into the air with multiple distractions VERY early in the game. With very little jumps a military jumper is thrown into the air with a rucksack between his legs. The ruck can pose a huge challenge to flying and can easily throw the jumper in to a pretty crazy spin. So, he is focused on that. NOW, add a weapon strapped to his side and an O2 Mask on his face and a 25k exit altitude and you have a number of distractions on you hands.... What im getting at is....... Do you think an individual that went through this type of training has the capability to jump a camera(with proper coaching) with less jump numbers than the BSRs dictate? Im not looking to start an argument, just simple input and honest opinions
  8. Clemson.... Just a little side note: while your still new, get into as many different exit styles as you can. Once you get really comfortable with one you send to only use that particular style and it makes jumping with others a bit of a chore. I stuck with the dives for a long time while in the civilian side of jumping then when i started military free fall poised was the preferred method alot of times especially from helicopters..... what im saying is to try not to stick to one style all the time. mix it up a bit and expand your knowledge base
  9. Haven't played with one yet but i did notice that it only pivots up and down with no swivel...