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  1. Hi. You're awesome!! _______________________________________
  2. Welcome back!! You can do it!! Woo hoo!! _______________________________________
  3. Amazing story of recovery... keep it up and good luck!! _______________________________________
  4. Hahahahahahaha...... no, I can only do one thing at a time. _______________________________________
  5. Yep, that makes sense too. I know what pops is getting at but I'm not really having a line twist problem. Out of my 70 jumps I've had like 4 or 5 with line twists and I don't think that's too far above average. I do know if I go down a size sometime soon I'll be a lot more cautious and quick to assess and fix the situation if at all possible. That's what I was getting at. _______________________________________
  6. The only thing I can come up with is body position. Dropping a shoulder or being sideways?.... _______________________________________
  7. OK....nowhere did you mention checking your altitude while trying to fix the twists. How's that? May I suggest that if you are having repeated line twists that there is something going on? Probably something that you could change and eliminate the problem? My first cutaway on a square was severe line twists. We had a guy here this past weekend who had his first cutaway ever....after over 13,000 jumps. Yes, you read that correctly. I believe it was line twists IIRC. Things seem to always happen at the most inopportune times. haha... yeah nice point. I was at 4500 when I pitched so not super low really. These were all different parachutes too, rentals. The one with crazy twists was a Spectre 190 which I thought was unexpected and it was totally smooth every other jump, unlike the Sabre 2's that seemed a little temperamental to me to be honest. I guess the packer got in a hurry on that one. _______________________________________
  8. I borrowed a friend of mines Altitrack once and loved it... not that the analog part was any different than other analogs but after the jump my buddy showed me the digital data and that part was really interesting. I feel like the more data you can get the better a pilot you'll be, even if it isn't 1000% correct. _______________________________________
  9. Making free coffee would be nice... _______________________________________
  10. I feel like they've probably already thought about everything, like literally every aspect of the project. _______________________________________
  11. For a while after my first line twist incident I thought it was no big deal, in fact I had remained calm enough the first time to look up and realize the lines were coming undone by themselves, because of the state of riser tension in that configuration, so I just let that one come undone by itself and carried on with my jump. I kept letting line twists undo themselves for the next few times after that, until I got an opening with what must have been like 6 to 8 twists. I realized this wasn't going to fix itself when I saw it so I pulled like hell on the risers but even then I seemed to still be spinning the wrong way but eventually get the right rotation and came out of it. I wish I had counted how many times I spun. The point is I learned to fix even a seemingly harmless situation immediately instead of experimenting and while I realize I'm still pretty much too new to be recommending anything I definitely recommend fixing line twists immediately. I'm not so new that I haven't seen someone cut away because of severe line twists and I know I was fortunate with the crazy twists opening I had in that my canopy was there, square and flyable. Feel free to burn me up now pops _______________________________________
  12. What's up and welcome!! Wait... It's the kind of pain everyone should want to NOT experience. Although I only know what this pain is like from having to fly with a serious sinus blockage I'm thinking it's about the same on a skydive. It's frikin horrible!! Your head feels like it'll explode and the worst part is you could mess yourself up to the point that you can't jump, or so I've heard. Even if that last part isn't true it's still not worth it. No cold medicine in the world can save you once your head gets out of whack... sorry, but I don't know the medical term for it. _______________________________________
  13. What up? Welcome!! Cheers.
  14. I would have made a clicky but it's a pain with my iPad..... I think I would start here if I was you: I think it might be just as easy to get a green card but honestly I can't say I have any experience with this stuff. Good luck man _______________________________________
  15. One thing I think a hanging harness can do is really make it clear to students just how important the chest strap is. Yes that's completely obvious to anyone with more than one jump... I know that info was put out in my SL course but apparently it isn't being briefed in all student courses. _______________________________________