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  1. I would have made a clicky but it's a pain with my iPad..... I think I would start here if I was you: I think it might be just as easy to get a green card but honestly I can't say I have any experience with this stuff. Good luck man
  2. bluetwo

    Hey All

    Whassup monkey? Nice screenname by the way... I can't give you any advice on becoming a videographer but I can say you could get a lot of overall experience if you become a roadie so to speak. Make friends with a CReW team and play the part of packer at Nationals or other similar competitions and you might have to pay your own way, a decent part of the gas and/or buy a lot of beer but it would be well worth it. I'm planning to do just that myself and I think it'll be awesome in a relatively beginnerish sort of way. As with any advise you read on this forum it's up to you to decide with your big boy pants on and it wouldn't surprise me if like 200 other people disagree but whatever. That's my 2 cents worth....
  3. bluetwo


    Welcome to the forums Cheers!!
  4. bluetwo


    Hi. I've got about 10 years of active service too, a few deployments, and I couldn't agree more. Live, because as far as I know you only get one chance to do it. Welcome to the site. Feel free to ask any questions any time. There are some crazies here like on any forum but for the most part it's cool and you prolly already have thick skin anyway. Blue skies!!
  5. bluetwo


    I got to fly a Solo 230 on it's first 5 or 6 jumps and it was great! It opened a little off heading every time but at least it was consistent. Really stable, even in a thermal or last second wind direction change and great flares. Students with higher jump numbers or intermediate jumpers will probably find it slow and boring at landing time.
  6. bluetwo

    virgin no more

    Awesome!! There really isn't anything like jumping. Welcome and have fun reading, learning and moving up
  7. Hmmm..... not sure how I feel about that.
  8. bluetwo

    Finally Starting AFF in Turkey

    HI!! ...welcome to the forums and congrats on taking the plunge. There certainly is a brain overload and 6 hours is way too short!! But that's why there's a SIM and Skydivers Handbook and a pretty decent list of other books to read not to mention LOTS of threads. And in my opinion one of the best things is the fact that things repeat themselves because a person simply isn't going to remember everything after having seen or read it once.
  9. bluetwo

    I did it!!! Finally got my A license!!!

    Cool, awesome, sweet and right on!! Ha ha... I was right there with ya this time last week. Can't wait to get my official license number.
  10. bluetwo

    Hi there! Another Newbie....

    Welcome to the site!! Enjoy, there's a lot of good stuff in store for you.
  11. bluetwo

    Just thinking of jumping

    I think skydiving will do all this and more for you! Welcome to the forum and if you really believe this is for you then happy jumping and blue skies.
  12. bluetwo

    Head Position in a Track

    I wish I could... I'm just here because I'm curious too though really. Thinking I'll watch this thread for a bit. I just did my unsupervised jump where I didn't have any stability goals so decided to try tracking a little. I just did what I saw another student get instruction on, palms down, arms in and chest cupped and toes pointed... I'm pretty sure I was looking where I wanted to go so I had my head up. There were a couple of times where it felt like I was nearly straight up and down, which as they say only feels that way but still, it seems like tucking the chin would be bad in that situation.
  13. bluetwo

    Hi Everyone! just did first Tandem

    Welcome to the forum!! It was the same way for me, did a tandem and got hooked completely! Actually I was never expecting to do more than one jump but that was back in May and I haven't stopped jumping since. Good luck deciding where to go.....
  14. bluetwo

    AFF Scheduled

    I think it's awesome you got some tunnel time in before getting very far into your progression. At least for me it was a great way to explore the effects the wind has on the body. Welcome to the forums and happy learning.
  15. bluetwo

    First jump of MANY...

    Welcome to the forums!! Definitely spend some time reading up here. Filter any posts that don't seem right but I'm pretty sure the Safety and Learning to Skydive sections are full of good solid info. I've never once regretted reading in my down time. May we all have fun learning, getting experience and Blue Skies!