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  1. TSISK- GOOD LUCK! If you've gotten to the last level you'll pass no problem!
  2. Hell yeah! I had a great time.. I know what you're saying though about the shoes.. :) I already canceled cable and have stuff up on craigslist to sell!
  3. Probably the best 3 days of my life! Lets just say that level 6 with the back loops got me hooked! Just heard a plane flying above my house and looked outside at the wind direction.. Can't wait to sell some stuff and get my first solo jumps in! Big thanks to Joey and Mike for putting up with my 1000 questions and for being such bad-ass skydive instructors and people in general!
  4. Thanks for the response. So after doing my AFF I can jump solo/coach jumps at any dropzone, not just the one where I did the course?
  5. Hello all, I'm finally doing it! I am officially scheduled to start my AFF on Tuesday! A little nervous already, can't imagine come Monday night. Hopefully I get some cool instructors that calm my nerves a little. I was just wondering what completing the AFF course means? If I complete the AFF no problem does it mean I can then jump solo? The place I'm doing it includes the USPA membership as part of the cost, so does that mean my completion of the AFF will be recognized at any USPA dropzone and I can then jump at those places solo too? What about non-USPA facilities? If hooked immediately, when is the best time to think about getting your own gear (thinking about saving on paying for rental fees) and learning to pack? Any input's appreciated!
  6. Hey thanks again for the message and the link. I will be sure to print off the SIM and read it thoroughly. I appreciate it! Just wondering, it doesn't make sense to me fully now that I understand the terms in those posts.... You asked when the others would stand up to, and get sick of, the violations of Lodi's FARs.. If the FAA came to check everything out at Lodi, grounding all the planes, and now they are back up and running, doesn't that mean that Lodi was cleared from the FAA. Or that Lodi was in-fact operating all along in a safe enough manner to where the the head honchos of the flying world considered them at par with the standards of aviation? Possibly I am not understanding all the posts and their replies fully? Thanks again, -Michael
  7. Hey thanks for the advice, Kathy from Lodi assured me that it wouldn't be a problem. I told her I would stay out of the way and keep my dog away for non-dog-friendly people and all facilities. I know for sure though now that Skydive Taft allows pets so I'm definitely going to travel to both facilities and check out the vibe before choosing. What are these FARs/S&TAs all about that I keep reading on here?
  8. ooops that was my bad. It was late. I meant A-license not just AFF for the prices. At START in ohio where I was thinking of going the 2500 included some reduced rate fun jumps after you completed your 25. There was also a package deal that was one step below that that was more along the 1800 range that didn't include the extra jumps and the free re-take on a failed level of the AFF. I would advise you do what the other person said. Call each DZ and figure out exactly what the prices entail.
  9. Hi kmills, Thank you for the message. I did check those out but most of the reviews were from several years ago. I was hoping to get someone who had been there sometime more recently that could share some info on the size and popularity of the camping area. I know there web-site says they are dog friendly as long as it's on a leash, and that they have a specific area for them to play, but I would need to have somewhere shaded to keep my dog while I learned to jump. I e-mailed them but haven't heard back yet, and thought maybe someone on here would be able to tell me through personal experience with taking a dog there and camping!
  10. Hi, I was curious if anybody had anything good or bad to say about Taft Skydive in CA? I am thinking about going there to do my AFF and A license near the middle of July. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I'm very interested to hear what you have to say about this facility. Especially if you have recently done your AFF there, camped on the property, or maybe even work there. Thank you for your time and input!
  11. Hi flyingmontana, Hahaha, thanks for the info. Not to laugh at your unfortunate weather problems, but more at myself for even considering Ohio in the first place. I really thought that that was the place because the first forum I posted pointed me in that direction. They were awesome people, and willing to let me camp there for free with my dog. However, several people pointed out to me what you said here. That it would be stupid, and that if I didn't find a DZ in Cali that would fit my needs that it was my fault of not doing enough research. It sounds like Cali is the place to be for this sport. Lots of DZ's because of the weather as you know. Being that I live here, why not stay. I understand what you're saying about my dog pissing on stuff, but that wouldn't be a problem with him tied up while on the DZ property and far away from gear. Dog sitters are f'n expensive, and the whole reason of this camping deal is to live for cheap to have more money to spend on jumps! Hope you get blue skies tomorrow! Ohh yeah, How's the AFF going?!
  12. Hey discovery4, I posted a very similar question about 2 weeks ago, but for DZ's that allow free camping and dogs too. I was almost ready to go to Start Skydiving (ohio) but same company. I believe that the cost of 2500 at Start is because it includes several "fun" jumps after you finish you AFF and also one free redo if you mess up on a level. I'm guessing that the other place for 1700 is probably just for the 8 jumps. One of the places I was looking also had it cheaper because instead of having two instructors jump out with you during the AFF, they only had one. Definitely live life before getting into a 9-5 right away. I don't know your situation but if you don't have many obligations like a family or house payments why not live it up a little. You always have time to become like Peter in office space, so go live in a tent for a while and meet some people. Good luck and have fun!
  13. Hey diablopilot, Thanks a lot for the recommendation. I have never heard of Taft but I just checked out there website and it looks like a real nice facility. I know it doesn't necessarily mean anything, but the website itself was higher quality than some, well put together, and I always like seeing photos of the place. Looks like they have camping, showers, and a special area just for dogs to play in. Although it is a bit more expensive, I'm definitely willing to pay a little more if it means a safer and better quality of experience and training. I don't know why, or much really about this organization other than I keep seeing it pop up, but Taft being a training facility qualified by the USPA makes me feel like it might be held to a higher standard than those who are aren't. Anyway, your recommendation of Taft is greatly appreciated. It is exactly the type of reply I was looking for from one of my first posts from two weeks ago! Before Taft, all other replies have led me to either driving half way across the county to Ohio, or moving to Lodi! I'll definitely tell Alex you said hi if it works out. Thanks again and hope all is well, -Michael
  14. Hey econuob that is a good question. I live about 3 hours south of Lodi, but need a place that allows camping and dogs to camp too. Do you have any recommendations. Also diablo- I do appreciate your input on Lodi even if is not the most popular. I don't know much if anything about skydiving and all these posts have been very imformative. It is always good to hear what people have to say and I thank you for your thoughts.