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  1. Found one in russia.. but am trying to find in italy/sicily due to costs to ferry the aircraft. By any chance, would you know if the MI8 can go up to 13000 ft?
  2. Seaplanes do not have the neccessary licenses for skydiving. An MI8 takes approx 24 pax (according to wiki anyway) - There is no availability here in Malta!!
  3. Actually no.. for winter periods either Jan/Feb or Oct/Nov Dec... NEXT YEAR.... 2013!
  4. Hi Guys and Girls, Anyone know where I can hire a Helicopter for skydiving? For use in Europe. Regards Sam
  5. LOL... small island in d middle of d mediterranean... under Italy and Sicily.
  6. 1. No DZ exists, and no aircraft is avalable, though modfications can be made at a cost. This is being weighed up with bringing an aircraft here. 2. Civil avaiation - in discussion with them. 3. Airport is busy i guess and our island is very small - 27km wide, but thats why there is point 2 above. 3. We are looking to coincide with another major event. 4. Recruit of passengers is the least of my worries; as it all depends on the price we charge.
  7. Thanks alot for ur info and concern. Really appreciate it. 1. Travel & Accomodation will be provided at our cost, so i dont think that would be a problem. or?? 2. Am discussing with some companies to have a turnkey operation, as having everything from one source would be better. 3. Professional personell will be hired to look over the event, inlcluding safety officers.
  8. Hi... When you say Caravan.. they are like smaller planes.. so would you say they fit 15 ppl? Coz really, i dont mind the size.. i just want to be able to take up 10 ppl an hour. IE: working for 8 hours a day, i would take up 80 ppl. Getting numbers shoudnt be a problem. If, i use one plane or two.. the costs would make me change my decision! I would have thought that since i have to get the planes here, it would be cheaper to get a bigger plane and just have costs for landing, parking, pilots just for one plane! But But But... if i can manage 2 small planes at the same costs i dont mind! I still need the same number of instructors and equipment! Having said that, (being a bit optimistic), I can get three planes, but i do not know how far apart the skydivers have to jump (the timing). A small aircraft would take approx 15 mins to reach the neccessary altitude.. but the time taken to jump apart from each other and to land safely is still unknown to me. From jumping out of the aircraft to landing its about 5 mins.. (13000 ft) Thanks Sam
  9. Sounds great. You think you have other colleagues who would be interested?
  10. Wow!! Thats sounds like a really good idea actually. Anyone come to mind?
  11. Hi.. yes for Malta. This would be for the summer of 2013. How many people does a skyvan hold? seated it seems 19.. according to wiki! But for skydiving?? I was hoping to get at least 7 tandems in one flight, so thats 7 instructors, 7 camera guys and 7 jumpers! (21 in total) Regards Sam