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  1. no worries I failed level 1 twice and I think I failed level 3 as well. Just stay motivated, relax and have fun, jumping out of a plane is the greatest experience in the world !
  2. I'm also fairly new to the sport, but I was looking for a helmet that I could use for the time being, until I have the 200+ jumps before I start using the CountourGPS. Does anyone have a good recommendation... I was looking at the MXV by cookie composite, which helmet is your favorite?
  3. Welcome ... funny thing I decided to cross over to Kiteboarding, that way when I am grounded for to much wind I can hit the beach and go kiting.. good luck, blue skies!
  4. Hey I wanted to see what kind of exercises people do, if any, to get their arch just right, and also to not leave with a sore back after several jumps.
  5. I'm in miami and the closest wind tunnel is in orlando 3.5 hours away
  6. After messing up my last two IAF level 4 jumps I talked to two instructors about maintaining my arch, and just being relaxed and taking deep breaths during the jump. I'm glad to say i finally past this level, now its on to the next one... one step closer to my A license!!
  7. Just went through school today it was really good. Have the book knowledge on skydiving, now its just applying it to the real thing. Can't wait, hope to do my level 4 jump this week!
  8. Went in today to the DZ for my Tandem level 2 jump and had time so I completed tandem level 3 as well. Signed up for the ground school on monday can't wait. What should i expect for ground school?