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  1. I have a Foghead and my buddy has a freak Freak. We are nearly the exact same size and switched suits for a couple jumps. These observations are based on only two people's opinions, so take it with a grain of salt. I thought the Foghead was the greatest suit in the world until I jumped his Freak. He jumped my Foghead and thought it was much more difficult to fly. His previous experience was in Phoenix Fly and only had 6 jumps on his Freak so far. I have 80 jumps in my Foghead and rather current with it, and still thought on jump #1 that the Freak was better. The Freak has an obvious performance increase over the Foghead as well. The Freak feels more solid, while the Foghead feels a little more mushy (word choice?). The Freak has a larger flare, debatably faster, and easier to fly. The Freak does have a little more float, so it can be more difficult to fly with smaller suits than the Foghead. The Foghead does have an easier pull, we attributed that to it feeling less pressurized. But these two suits do fly very well together. Their performance differences are small enough that they are pretty effortless together. There are weird, rather unimportant things that I like about each suit. I like Tony Suits and their bootie zippers with the 3 tabs, versus the Freak and its single piece of small velcro. However, the new leading edge of the bigger Squirrel suits is amazing. The wrist has a neoprene type material for toggle access and has a pretty stout leading edge the rest of the surface for performance. Overall, they are both great suits and have their individuals pros. But it was a very unanimous decision that the Freak was the better suit in more ways than not. The things we did like about the Foghead weren't overly important, like the bootie zippers etc. So if anyone wants to trade a Foghead for a Freak, I'm in ;).
  2. Actually they shortened the tail, so its the same length as the floor. This was a change they made after the videos. Gotcha. Thanks for the update.
  3. Yeah my buddy just bought a Freak and it should be here within a few weeks. I'll post some sort of review comparing the two...
  4. I'd imagine pretty similar. The Freak having a little more power and speed with the longer tail. The Foghead's tail ends at the floor. But both made for the same purpose. My Foghead is amazing, but pretty excited to test out the Freak.
  5. I don't have that much wingsuit experience, but it is by far the coolest suit I've ever flown. I did a big suit flock with it last jump, flying with two other auras and had no problem doing it. They weren't diving either...I've also flown with P3's and smaller suits, that being a little more difficult. Glide and speed is very impressive. This suit right now is not receiving the attention it deserves.
  6. I had the same experience buying a suit from them. I bought a suit recently from a "different" wingsuit manufacturer and was quoted a delivery date and was off by almost a month. That is understandable, but I didn't know it was delayed and never received any kind of update. It's pretty cool having an innovative wingsuit company like Squirrel, who has the customer service of L&B. When these products are in the $2000ish range, it's a pretty big commitment for most people and annoys me when I have no idea what is going on. I am sticking with Squirrel from here on out, it does make that big of a difference to me.
  7. Agree with DSE. SSD is great and does help speeds, but can become a large pain because you absolutely will need an external. Depending on your budget, the best thing might be a larger internal SATA. That way you don't always need to be carrying an external around with you.
  8. I don't have the exact suit comparison you are looking for, but hopefully close enough. I started with a Phantom3 for my first 40 jumps, and then put another 50 on a Squirrel Swift. I am sticking with Squirrel for a few reasons, and mine could be the complete opposite of someone else. I like the little things that are on Squirrel suits (magnets instead of snaps on the booties, one continuous zipper in the front, no thumb loops, no need for arm wing cutaway, etc...). I can reach the toggles in my Swift but just barely the risers on the P3. I like how quickly Squirrel responds to emails and Facebook messages. I've sent a few PF emails that never had replies. But I hear PF is a lot better about that now, so might not be relevant anymore. Both are such good manufacturers that you can't go wrong, more than likely the suit you first start jumping is going to be "the greatest suit ever." -even though my experience was different...
  9. Hey I've tried searching all over for ideas on a homemade helmet camera box for a Sony CX100, but no luck. Does anyone have any recommendations or plans on a good way to do it..? Or a possible link where it has been discussed? Cookie makes really nice ones, but are a little bit expensive. Any ideas would be very appreciated...Thanks