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  1. Mi-8 will take up to 29 jumpers to 14,500ft in about 12 minutes (I set the timer on take off and a few seconds after 12 minutes the green light came on ). Big door at the back allow for a formations to exit in a snap.They will not take off with less then 12 jumpers on board. 9 packing hangars with soft cloth packing tables easily accommodate about 10 jumpers each at the same time , 1 serves as a restaurant @ big events. Lots of rooms, showers and restrooms available. Camping area. Big Parking lot.Electronic manifest board, load organisers. The city of Siofok on the lake Balaton is only a few minutes from the airport.It is nothing but a little touristic place with Hotels, restaurants and shops.
  2. This canopy doesn't pack as most of other ones.If you don't pay attention to how you pack this one it will give you wild openings with almost instant dive or spiral dive that will not recover without proper and immediate input. Pack it nicely and it will give you a little bit longer but soft on heading opening.Turns easy and nicely. Tons of flare power on landing and good direction control.