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  1. I never called myself a genius, not my style, how sad some you guys can be? Seriously. For the 20th time, a hangglider as the name says you hang under the wing, a semi rigid wingsuit still a wingsuit. Lauren Martins -
  2. As a Biologist I'm well aware the size and power ratio muscle chest between humans and birds. The problems in aviation are there to be overcome. Lastly I fly sometimes all day long on my paraglider ( no it doesn't have a cabin) and no I don't freeze even at 12000feet, there something called flying suit and protective clothing. Also I wouldn't change the freedom of feeling the wind on my face, the sensation of flying tro the air to be inside a cabin like on a sailplane. Lauren Martins -
  3. "Wingsuit aspect ratio is greatly increasing! ... Ok, it's not increasing much but it is increasing! ... Ok, so wingsuit aspect ratio is decreasing, but what I meant was they're getting bigger!" "Squirrel suits are using new grippers to extend wingspan! ... Ok, so they're not extending the wingspan but they are way bigger than anyone else's puny grippers! ... OK, so they're no bigger than other grippers already being used but they are made of carbon fibre!" "Gary Connery doesn't know what he's doing and will break his neck trying to land a wingsuit! ... Well done Gary!" Wow, that surely makes you some kind of incredible genius... except for the facts that the trend towards mattress suits with different air intakes was well underway when your 'predictions' started, and solid rods for long wing grippers were in use several years before you started posting here. And that in this very thread you said that current wingtip grippers are 'tiny' compared to the ones pictured on the Colugo, which is blatantly wrong, which seems to show that you don't have any idea what current wingsuits look like, let alone how they're designed. And finally, your main prediction, since the start, has been of wingsuits with rigid frames extending the wingspan far beyond the end of the pilot's hands. And if you think that's already happening... Wow indeed Jake, I will agree to disagree because this is totally off topic, you have hijacked every topic. Lauren Martins -
  4. Even that much is doubtful. Your right, I don't know much, I haven't read a book specific for wingsuit design and flight yet, haven't found one unfortunately. Most things I know are based on research over the Internet and my knowledge as HG PG pilot, designer and ornithologist. Now Mr Kellend, you claimed to know everything quite few times in other discussions, as a scientist you should know nobody knows everything about anything and as far as I can see your posts showed you dont know very much, at least in theory. Lauren Martins -
  5. Since you are apparently unable to recognise design trends in current wingsuits I don't think your predictions for future design trends are going to carry much weight. I disagree with you, I've been able to predict the developments of wingsuits since many years ago, everything that I thought and said would happen is happening now, larger suits with strong pressurization and less effort required to fly + the start of use rods for extended wing "grippers" Lauren Martins -
  6. 3 wings Why 3 wings? Are you including the tail as the 3rd wing? Lauren Martins -
  7. Very good, almost exactly! just take off the bit "I'm a genius and your not" because I didn't say that. Lauren Martins -
  8. I didn't claim that I Invented anything yet, I suggested ideas of what I think the future suits development would look like. When developments get further, things may look similar to da vinci and others in the past, just with different modern light materials, but essentially there will be 2 wings like 1930's. Lauren Martins -
  9. Hi mccordia, As i replied to you in private message, besides being a designer, a paraglider and hangglider pilot I'm also a Biologist graduated at UNIPAM - University of Patos de Minas - Brazil and my specialization is birds of prey. I know humans have smaller chest muscles, I know birds have hollow bones, I know we are too heavy to hold our weight flying, I know what Da Vinci tried, I know adding wing span also adds drag. The fact is, its not because of all limitations above that things are unreachable or because someone tried in the past and failed someone else can not succeed in the future. Maybe you dont know but when add wingspan you also add lift not only drag, performance is gained in the compromise between the two, so increase the wingspan is vital for wingsuits to have better sink and glide, otherwise an albatross wouldn't be the highest performing bird on earth even tho it has huge wingspan, drag and lift all together. Lastly with the advances in wingsuit ram air pressurization its being possible to fly extreme large suits with less effort, could this be the key for bigger wingspan suits in the future? Maybe or maybe other development with carbon rods reinforced on the back? I don't know how it will happen, I just know it will happen at some point. How do I know it will happen? because of human geniusity and because its achievable. Cheers Lauren Lauren Martins -
  10. "Seems Like Luc Armant copied my idea..." If you say so then maybe there is not much innovation with Squirrel at this moment, beside the carbon fiber grippers. Lauren Martins -
  11. Tony and Jeff make the largest and most streamlined wingsuits today imo, Tony is a great guy, open minded and creative. As I said, if there is something that can be improved on his suits is that massively square wingtips with grippers pointing downwards. Why he does it that way I don't understand. Lauren Martins -
  12. The problem is when the jumper is standing with the wing open the grippers from tony are pointed downwards in a vertical direction, the grippers should be more in a horizontal direction, that would give more wing area and less vortex. something similar to the vampire4. why tony still using totally square wingtips over more pointed ones is beyond my understanding. Pointed tips generate far less vortex gaining in performance and maneuverability. Yes I agree with you, Pimple? maybe Tony wasn't Post a pic of the pimple when possible
  13. So everyone's been stealing your ideas! In spite of the fact that wingtip grippers have been around for much longer than you've been posting. Cunning buggers, these wingsuit designers. Of course: but here is a test to see if you do. The biggest wing tip grippers on any suit today probably belong to the Apache Rebel - does that suit have a greater or smaller aspect ratio than a gripperless Birdman Classic? Jake your such a t***, You love saying things others never said. Firstly to calculate the AR its needed the wingspan and the wingarea of the wing, as fair as I know there is no data of the Rebel or the Classic available. But playing your unknowable guessing game, the classic may have higher AR due its short chord. The Rebel has bigger wingspan but due its fat chord its AR may be lower. no real data for real facts here. Lastly I never said anyone is stealing my ideas, as a self taught designer and pilot when I saw a wingsuit many years ago I already had an idea of how the development would take place, if anyone else thought today same as I did years ago and start working it, its not stealing. The guys from Squirrel are trying to work with longer carbon fiber rods, not tiny little wood wingtip grippers like we have today. Get your facts right stop being a little twat saying things others never said. Lauren Martins -
  14. You must also have reading issue, I didn't said they are bringing revolutionary new ideas, I dont even know if Luc is serious engaged on this, what i said is if he get into it, he is mostly like to create ideas about extended arms to increase wingspan and A.R. I heard they are testing something in this path. Now let me go out, on heels and dress, discussing this matter with you is a no go Jake. Lauren Martins -
  15. I hope you manage to fly this way, forever and ever lol Lauren Martins -
  16. I think your missing the point here, they are not talking about a dozen of centimeters grip, this are old news, we all know. Glider designers know that the essential way to gain more Glide Ratio and less Sink Rate is to increase the Aspect Ratio, but as we have short arms the next best option seems to be longer carbon fiber rods, the guys from Squirrel are trying and test it to extend the wingspan a little bit, or as you may prefer to call it "long grippers". Lauren Martins -
  17. Huh? The one I'm looking at on their website has carbon fiber grippers (as opposed to, for example, the wooden grippers that have been used in Tonysuits'). Are they offering a suit that uses carbon fiber rods to expand the span of the wing as well, or did you just mis-read their page? No you didn't miss read it, maybe you can't understand it but the carbon fiber rods or "Grippers" as you wish to call it does expand the wing area and wingspan of the suit. From what I heard they are trying different protos, with longer carbon rods extended wings to rigid suits. Good luck for the team. Lauren Lauren Martins -
  18. Seems Like Luc Armant copied my idea from 5 years ago of expanding the wingspan of the suits with carbon fiber rods I knew when glider designers start working with wingsuits the the first thing they would do is to introduce carbon fiber rods to expand the wingspan, Luc Armant is a glider designer and expert in fluid dynamics, this is the first time I heard a glider designer get involved with wingsuits, Tonysuits better get prepared because if Luc really get involved in the project tony will have some serious wingsuits to compete with and we will be soaring on wingsuits soon Just in case... ozone has the factory, the money, Luc is an expert and the wingsuit market is exploding.. Oh now I wish I had the money to start working on my crazy carbon fiber wing expandable wingsuit project from 5 years ago, oh well too late.... go for it Luc :) Lauren G Martins Lauren Martins -
  19. That is a strange question, because instead of using "weight" you should use sink rate and instead of "lift force" you should use climb rate. There is no answer for this question in the way you asked it. As I explained before a few times, if the speed of your surrounding rising air is higher than your vertical speed ( wingsuit sink rate) then you will have net lift gain, the speed of the rising air, minus your vertical speed the result is how much your climbing or sinking at that given moment. Just check the reply on this thread why the other member said he is lacking of elementary physics. Check what kellend said. that's just one example. Anyway I don't know why you keep putting kellend in the conversation? I'm sure he is an intelligent man, anyone who likes physics. Lets talking about flying, forget kellend. Lauren Martins -
  20. And when he replied to your post about lift? Explain what he was talking about in that post and why you claim he was wrong. You tell me? I have no idea why he replied to my post as I was answering Jo's question. And the post I did to Jo is simple true physics. Anyone feel free to check it. I said kellend is wrong because he already posted uncountable physics mistakes related to flying, momentous gain or net gain, bear in mind that I'm not saying he is not an intelligent man, he probably is. Lauren Martins -
  21. Good come back haha Your right, maybe not always, but since I saw the X3, the Apache and the Apache rebel, I was sure that it was possible Not bad Jake, not bad After Robin explanation of the climate conditions there, because he was there, than the video became clear for me that was a dive and flare. Lauren Martins -
  22. Both he and Kallend are talking about the same thing. You are talking about something different. The only reason you think Kallend doesn't know about physics is because you don't realise that he is not talking about the same phenomenon that you want to talk about. Just like in the last thread, just like every other time. kellend is talking about the visualization of air ( vortex ) on a video, not about any gain in altitude sustained or momentous. How can you be so certain that jo is talking about momentous gain? he didn't say he is talking about it. In any of the 2 cases, I already answered him here. Lauren Martins -
  23. I can think of a few reasons. And remember that you doubted it, until Robin explained it to you. I never doubt about it, I always knew largest wingsuits could gain momentous altitude with speed to lift. What I said is that in that specific case it looked very much like a thermal because of the amount of time the wingsuit was climbing, but as Robin explained well, the dive was extremely sharp and steep as they had to pass under the cables and that sharp long dive created an abnormal amount of momentous lift. Lauren Martins -
  24. Check it out, I was totally right. You are not talking about the same thing as kallend. You are insulting him and saying he is wrong because you refuse to recognise that you are talking about two different things. Aaaaand: repeat last thread Firstly my main answers here is not to kellend, it is to answer Jo's question. Secondly Kellend proved over and over again to know little about simple physics applied to flying, If you have doubt about it, go study physics and check if what he is saying is right. I don't care what Kellend is talking about, I'm just answering Jo's question, if he is talking about sustained flight or not I'm up to answer him. Lauren Martins -
  25. There only 2 ways a wingsuit or any other glider will ever win over gravity and sustain flight. They are not talking about sustained flight. I hope that is easy enough to understand. They? you mean Jo? If Jo means win over gravity for a few seconds with a dive and flare ( speed to lift ) then the answer obviously is YES, the latest largest wingsuits can do that. The video in China showed it cristal clear. Why would he have any doubt about it? Lauren Martins -