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  1. I am very late to the remembrance. I'm responding to Bonnie's post because I knew Jerry and Bonnie both around the same time-frame, mostly at Perris Valley. Jerry gave me some advice for the AFF Camp I attended at Elsinore in '96, and I made some jumps with him. Jerry was indeed larger than life. He wasn't always tactful - but he was always "Jerry." I recall something rather funny about Jerry and Tom Falzone's Stiletto.... Jerry's passing is definitely a loss. Marc Are we sure that's a good idea?
  2. *I* am not a gang-banger. Therefore, I am not going to consider statistics involving gang-bangers to determine whether or not a gun will benefit me. *I* am not going to use a gun as an offensive weapon. Therefore, I do not consider "justifiable homicide" statistics to determine whether a gun will or will not help me. *I* am not going to stick a gun in my mouth and kill myself, so I do not consider "suicide" statistics to determine whether a gun will or will not protect me. Let's compare apples and apples (to the greatest extent possible). I have lawfully carried a concealed weapon for most of the past 14 years (as is true with many off-duty cops, for example). Problems averted: 2 The first was to put down a deer that another motorist had crippled. The second was to deal with a very large belligerent man in my neighborhood at night. There was no need to fire a shot or even take aim - the mere presence of the weapon stopped his advance until the police arrived (which took OVER 15 minutes). Point being - compare apples to apples as much as possible. I really don't give two squirts of monkey piss about suicide statistics, or gang-banger statistics, or anything else that doesn't apply to ME. If you do the math in an honest way, you'll note that there is NO indication of more guns leading to more crime, and some indication that more guns lead to less crime (although I will concede it is not conclusive and correlation does not equate to causation, etc). Marc Are we sure that's a good idea?
  3. My kids spend their summers riding their bikes, building "forts" outside, and swimming from my boat. They get all the exercise they need in the summer and have to keep up on reading as well. No need to scrap summer on their account. As for Congresscritters, it's a different job. Different pay probably makes sense. Are we sure that's a good idea?
  4. Heck, little old ladies walking home from cashing their Social Security checks have been known to be targets for decades. It's not just high profile people who are targets. Plenty of ordinary everyday people are targeted as well. That's sort of inconvenient for the subjects who live in Chicago, but not so bad for those of us who live places where self-defense is viewed as the moral act that it is. Are we sure that's a good idea?
  5. Yunque - He pointed out the GOP because the Dems most certainly aren't going to do anything to get rid of any sort of death/inheritance tax.