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  1. I have the same tendency...but I couldn't just sit back and let the PWs eat a fellow lurker alive
  2. I work for a limo company, I drove for earth wind and fire on wednesday was with them all day, then backstage, pretty cool people, I'd be lying though if I didn't say I was more concerned with the free food backstage then the concert. But have fun I heard the show is good
  3. How could you not actually its the curse of a photographic memory well that and having the video of the exit order. nice to meet you too alright we now return you to your regularly scheduled meeting of soulshine. B.L. (the brain)
  4. I was on the cross country with you 2 seets forward. Sorry I don't ever remember to introduce myself to anybody B.L. (the brain)
  5. Wasn't at WFFC but was at L.P. I drove guys out to lake about mid week. Nice meeting you B.L. (the brain)
  6. First jump was a static line, didn't do a tandem until recently to help some friends become TMs. B.L. (the brain)
  7. Riiiiiiight....... B.L. (the brain)
  8. thats right now I remember he introduced himself as jack daniels B.L. (the brain)
  9. I don't remember the guys name be he's on the far right of the ummm dinner pic, I think I met him as jasons drunk friend.... but one night at the bar he was telling us he could do a hand stand and walk across the deck, this was something I wanted to see so I called bullshit and he tried it and end up on his back, Im glad he was alright but it had to be one of the funniest things I've seen. B.L. (the brain)
  10. since you want me to pick just one and we're talking about the x country right now. I was standing on the porch at the bar with my 2 buddies who just happen to be the 2 dorks that got themselves in a wrap over the trees on the cross country and 3 guys are discussing this wrap not realizing the 2 guys were standing right next to them, we even joined in the conversation and got one guy to say he talked to them after they got back...we never did let them in on what was so funny. by the way the guys got lucky and found there mains in a wild life reserve on the other side of the hill. B.L. (the brain)
  11. And I'm leaving,
  12. My time off request hasn't been denied yet so it will be another year at that the prairie for me, should be there both weekends. Amazon benforde Birdwoman ccq D22369 Freakshow Frenchy (maybe) giakrembs homer IanHarrop JasonRose jdobleman Kid Icarus livendive McNeill79 Monkycndo NWflyer Packerbarbie Pacncathy Pacncathyjr Rocket SeaKev Shell TallGuy vdschoor B.L. (the brain)
  13. -4 from the numbers I posted last week which is a nice change form seeing zeros the last few weeks. Keep up the good work everybody. B.L. (the brain)
  14. Alright starting over sounds good, I had an off week this week anyways. Hopefully I'll be more motivated this up coming week then I was last week. current: 188 lbs Goal: 170 lbs B.L. (the brain)
  15. I wasn't able to get to the gym that much this week and had a couple of birthday parties to go to I' +1 this week but I thought it would be worse. B.L. (the brain)