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  1. I was just wondering if you guys have thought about implementing some kind of voting mechanism for individual posts, similar to what they have on Stack Exchange sites. (Up vote for good posts, down vote for bad posts.) Might be a good way to allow the community to moderate itself. Posts voted down enough times could be deleted or hidden and responses consisting solely of "+1" would no longer be necessary. Seems to me this would go a long way in reducing the crapola** moderators and users alike have to wade through. Might also reduce some of the (apparent) antagonism between certain users and certain moderators. I did a search for similar suggestions, but didn't see any so I thought I'd throw in my input. Take it or leave it, of course, but thanks for listening. :D **Crapola, meaning pointless bitching, blatantly bad advice, etc, etc.
  2. Blasphemy!!! And here it starts! (and i knew it would) Haha, some of those were pretty funny.
  3. Disagree. I think 18 is a very reasonable age boundary after which most individuals would have the mental maturity to appropriately assess the risks versus the rewards of skydiving.
  4. Of my 1200 jumps, 90% have been at Elsinore. I completed my AFF training there in 2006 and considered it a second home for a long time afterwards. The people are great, the school instruction is outstanding, and it's a very fun place to hang out. However, the dropzone makes very little effort to keep intermediate jumpers, well, jumping. Most events and activities cater entirely to newbie jumpers. Little is done to encourage or facilitate skill advancement beyond the most basic levels. Even the skills camps offered are now mostly run by jumpers who themselves have merely 500 jumps or less. This has resulted in a situation where as jumpers gain experience, they simply move on to another dz. Every year, it seems that fewer teams train at Elsinore because of this. Elsinore hasn't even had a strong open class team to be proud of like Perris Furry since Gravity was dismantled in, I think, 2006. Also every year, there are fewer and fewer experienced fun jumpers around with whom you can throw together a challenging jump that doesn't immediately turn into a zoo dive after exit. Basically, the overall experience level of "regulars" has dropped significantly in the past few years to the point where I no longer desire to jump there. I'm completely.... bored. And for that reason, I wouldn't recommend Elsinore for anything other than AFF or tandem jumps. (Or Chicks Rock, which is usually a lot of fun no matter what your skill level.) I wish the owners would make an effort to return Elsinore to its former glory, but my impression is that the owners have lost their passion for skydiving as a sport and now think of their dz strictly in business terms. It's too bad.
  5. MagnanimousAnt

    Saw 3D

    Aww, don't say that! I'm still looking forward to seeing it. (Hmm... now that my expectations have been lowered, maybe I'll like it even MORE!)
  6. Dude. Steve. Knock it off. Nothing Pat has done could possibly justify your unnecessarily hostile statements. Elsinore is JUST a dropzone. Stop acting like it's a sacred religious temple or something.
  7. I would *love* to hear how, exactly, you got the poster's IP address without access to moderator tools. Further, I would *love* to know how you pinned that IP address to a specific individual. IP lookups will give you the name of the company who owns it, say Cox Communications or Comcast, but not Pat Newman 115 Main Street, Portland, Oregon. Even if it did, how would you know you had the right Pat Newman? Not exactly the most uncommon name in the country.
  8. Get fired. Then you can collect unemployment while you look for a better job.
  9. Dont know you from Adam dude, But i have travelled all around this Map called Earth and been to quite a few DZs Elsinore is NOT just another DZ. and by not I mean Nothing like just another DZ. Guess your feelings about the place are a bit stronger than mine.
  10. No one is free to put a scar on a DZ's safety record or the sport's image because they decide they want to be "riskier" than others. The right to swing your arm ends where the other guy's nose begins - Ben Franklin I tend to agree with BMFin on this. Plus, you have to consider that everyone's natural abilities are different. What's too aggressive for one person isn't necessarily for another.