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  1. audiobahn18s

    First solo jump....dang that was ugly!

    Congrats!!!You've got Just the right attitude. keep learning and having fun!! Thats what the sport is all about! It keeps getting better.
  2. audiobahn18s

    Best prescription sunglasses for skydiving

    I had the same experience with my Liquids with the Rx insert. my Rx is very weak, but i get headaches when not wearing my glasses. My vision when using the insert is just as you descibed. It feels distorted and just not right. I found the cause to be the "wrap" that the glasses have. Instead of the lenses being perpendicular to the line of sight, like they are with more traditional eye glasses, The liquids curve around your face placing the lenses at an angle compared to your line of sight. If i take the insert out and hold the lenses more perpendicular, my vision feels just the same as with my everyday eye glasses. I never contacted Liquid wihich I regret now. But i'm glad to know I'm not the only one who had this issue.
  3. audiobahn18s

    I need a title...

    "Terminal Velocity Photography" Kind of hard to say though
  4. audiobahn18s

    Requirements for Demo Jumps? Sorry. My phone won't let me make it a clicky .
  5. audiobahn18s

    Accuracy trick google earth

    Is this it?;search_string=google%20earth%20simulator;guest=78291800#3977340
  6. audiobahn18s

    Reserve slink to attach bridle (#5 Grommet)

    Okay, I hooked up my new Cazer using the main and the reserve Slink and here are the pics. I left the slink tab out of the bridle loop when doing the test pull usinf the Main Slink, to simulate what could happen using the least amount of fabric bulk from the slink. Althoug I couldnt pull the main slink through the grommet, I could see where repeated jumps could potentially "funnel" the fabric through the grommet. I did the reserve slink two ways, one with the tab out of the bridle loop( for the same reason stated above) and also with the tab tucked into the bridle loop to have maximum bulk. Regardless, I could not get even a deformity of the fabirc in either case using the reserve slink. I will have my rigger inspect the installation and let you know what he says. The directions that came with the Cazer specifically stated to use a #5 grommet and a smaller one will work but will cause premature wear. This post is to provide pictures only and I am in NO way stating this setup will work (although i followed the Cazer directions so it should work fine) CONSULT YOUR RIGGER BEFORE JUMPING ANY CHANGES YOU MAKE TO YOUR RIG
  7. audiobahn18s

    Reserve slink to attach bridle (#5 Grommet)

    I should have included in my first post, that my rig is an '01 Javelin J4K. I am expecting my Cazer Pilot Chute to be delivered tomorrow, so I will no for ALMOST sure if it will work or not. I will get the ultimate say from my rigger this coming weekend. I'll be sure to take pics of the setup with both the main and reserve slink attaching the bridle.
  8. audiobahn18s

    Reserve slink to attach bridle (#5 Grommet)

    When I receive my PC It comes with a standard slink and a reserve slink. The reserve slink is ment to be used on the bridle attachment but I may assemble both ways just as an experiment( obviously I won't jump it) to see how it looks and if it is possible to pull it through with the standard. Thanks both of you, for your input. I do appreciate it.
  9. audiobahn18s

    Reserve slink to attach bridle (#5 Grommet)

    That's your first mistake. The internet is a shitty place to learn about skydiving. It's an 'OK' place to discuss the in's and out's of skydiving, provided you have learned those in's and out's in the real world. If you want to be an 'internet skydiver' that's one thing. If you want to move into being a real skydiver, drop all the internet stuff you 'heard', and start from scratch. If you're paying attention, and trying hard enough, you'll learn what you need to know in real life. After all, you're posting about how to attach a PC to a canopy. It doesn't get any more basic than that, and if you had spent any time in the packing room looking over different rigs top to bottom, or working with a rigger to learn about gear, you wouldn't be having this 'problem'. I am sorry if my statement is misleading. I have learned ALMOST everything I know from my instructors/rigger but I use to see what others think about any paticular issue. I also am also one of those unlucky ones who's local DZ is closed in the winter so I use as a resource.(and still closed. Opens next weekend..FINALLY!!) As someone who is so new to the sport, I am beginning to really understand the intricacies of a rig. What seems novice to you now some point in your career wasn't. So please have some mercy on those willing to learn. So , to keep this thread on topic, do you have any experience with this scenario. Just to clarify though, my rigger will have the ultimate say in this matter. But because my DZ isn't open yet I am trying to get some feedback to see if this is even an issue( sounds like it probably isn't)
  10. audiobahn18s

    Reserve slink to attach bridle (#5 Grommet)

    Thank you. and yes, I do have a rigger. And he will definatly be involved when I change it out.
  11. audiobahn18s

    Reserve slink to attach bridle (#5 Grommet)

    Yea, your right.... But being such a novice in the whole skydiving thing, I need some reassuring. I'll know for sure in a couple days if it works when my rigger inspects it. Plus some of those old threads I was reading didnt have a definative answer. I'll post when I get the PC attached just to provide a current post for future wonderers. Thanks for your help.
  12. audiobahn18s

    Reserve slink to attach bridle (#5 Grommet)

    Do you know what size grommet your using?
  13. audiobahn18s

    Reserve slink to attach bridle (#5 Grommet)

    I am refering to attaching the bridle to the D-bag. It makes sense to me if the bundle of slink combined with the bridle is too large to slip through the grommet than it would seem to work. But my #5 grommet seems kind of large in comparison to the bulk of fabric that would be needed to hold the bridle securely. here is a link to chutingstar with a video of what they recommend. The video is at the bottom
  14. audiobahn18s

    Reserve slink to attach bridle (#5 Grommet)

    Hi guys, I have been lurking these forums feeding my brain for a couple years now and I have a question the search function isn't answering. I purchased a Cazer zp collapsible pilot chute through Chutingstar and they recommended using a reserve slink to attach the bridle to the bag. I just ordered it yesterday and havent received it yet ( and i have no experience with slinks), but the #5 grommet on my D-bag seems like a large hole that a slink could potentially slip through, causing a nasty malfunction if it did. I e-mailed chutingstar and they said the #5 grommet was not an issue, but I want to ask you guys too. Are any of you using a reserve slink with a #5 grommet to attach your bridle?
  15. audiobahn18s

    Liquid eyewear

    I think $279 is the Hellfire LTD lens. The Polarized LTD lens is $239 and the standard LTD is $179 which is probably what they are selling on that other site. If you order the Hellfire, make sure they are what you want. When driving a car with most of the UV blocked by the windows they will be almost clear. Info on the Hellfire Lens from "This lens is best used for motorcycle riding, tactical and combat. This lens does not darken when inside an automobile, must have UV light to change." Oh Gotcha!! I assumed all LTD lenses were the same price. I bet your right. I think i would prefer the standard LTD lense just for the reason you mentioned. I would want some tint to the lense when driving. Thanks for pointing that out though.