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  1. Maybe its just me but you all are missing the easiest way to differentiate the boogies that wouldn't offend anyone. Why not call most of the "vacation boogies" for what they really are.... International Boogies as in non-US boogies.
  2. I vote for a blends of boobies and flight operations around an active DZ. Many pilots have a misconception that all jump pilots are jerks and the meat missiles are not much better. I have had discussions to fellow pilots about the air operations around a DZ and they were very interested in that. If you go that route I would say definately leave time for questions b/c they will be asking you some.
  3. Umm I'm not sure the legality of it but... I did get to record it ;) I'm not sure if I should post it here though
  4. your problem for cheap hosting is the amount of space you are wanting. 500GB seems small for normal storage but is is still A LOT for online hosting heck even 100 GB is for standard hosting. Any place offering that much space is actually betting on the fact that you won't actually use that much (note all the people offering 20GB, 100 GB, unlimited for storage on email accounts). trust me you load up an email box with 100 GB the hosting company will find a way to charge you more or boot you off. Its all a marketing ploy, hence the reason your current host is trying to hit you for $120 now Even Dropbox charges $499/yr for 500 GB. (100 GB is $99/yr) I pay $48/mo for a VPS with 1TB and that was a deal. I would consider hosting a site for someone (heck I do for multiple people on my VPS but I would in no way give 500 GB away to someone without them paying me well for that amount. Just my 2 cents.
  5. I love all these replies and I too always do the google maps thing. My addition was touched on... If at all possible..... WALK THE LANDING AREA!!! and talk about the landing area with a local jumper / coach/ instructor (hopefully the person giving you a briefing) I travel a lot for my work so I have been blessed to visit quite a few DZs big and small. Twice I looked at the landing area from the hangar and thought no big deal. On one as I flared I realized I was actually landing downhill in a gully that was not visible from the hangar. Thankfully was able to slide in with no issues. Second time was similar with a hazard you couldn't see until close. At my home DZ (Skydive Atlanta) you will typically get a tour/briefing from either a coach or instructor. We mainly have a standard outline of a tour we do and we add our own details. My tour might take a little longer since I'm trying to answer all the questions that I would ask on all my travels, Heck I'll even tell you the best areas to land after our great pop up rain showers in the summer ;) BTW the walk up without your gear, etc comment... I like, it will also show you the DZ that actually has people that pay attention to their surroundings. At a good DZ, you won't make it too long before someone starts talking to you and quickly figures out that you are in fact a skydiver.
  6. your kidding right? I don't drink for personal (ie not spiritual or OH MY GOD I WAS ABUSED AS A CHILD) reasons, simple as that. I'm not torn between the two (OMG a skydiver that knew what that big word meant). If we wanna talk about not feeling right about supporting an addictive behavior than why do we all support each other skydiving or dang I guess I'm a drug dealer since I'm an AFFI and TI... lock my ass up since we all talk about jonesin for an air fix. I started out my post commenting on boobies and you wanted to get it all metaphysical.... I guess next time I want to ramble on about the ineluctable modality of the visible I'll look you up. until then...... BOOBIES..BOOBIES...BOOBIES...BOOBIES...BOOBIES... wait did someone say ice cream???????? :P
  7. I don't consider a sunset jump to be beer worthy in and of itself although I could not help myself from clicking on "Boobies" I mean who doesn't like clicking boobies..... With that said, anyone that knows me can tell you that I don't drink (never will) but I always will honor tradition and buy beer... even when that means that I have to go buy Gatorade or Coke or something from a vending while others are drinking said beer (just ask the guys at Elsinore that mid-July Friday evening about a month ago when a fellow skydiver and I walked onto the DZ for the 1st time and carrying cases of beer each. Loved the response: "I don't know who they are but obviously they are skydivers!"). The only alcohol I have ever bought in my life has been to honor beer rules. (well there might have been a time at a bar for a hot girl....) And I will continue to honor those traditions that made skydiving the great community that I have become to know and love. BTW for anyone who thinks I'm a pussy for not drinking..... next time we're at a boogie and the closest place to eat/drink is at decent drive away, you know I'll become your best friend for at least the drive to and from. Can anyone say 54 miles each way to Key West last Keys boogie... :P for those that I was the DD for and partied with then, thank you again for the lift tickets... I would have drove you all there and back just for the fun. The free skydives were unexpected and greatly appreciated.
  8. I searched but nothing I found was remotely recent so I am asking this. I'm planning on going for my AFF-I at Skydive ratings at the beginning of April. Yes I have the pre-reqs and even did a try out with Bram in Jan. So the simple question is approx how much money should I be ready to spend during that week doing the course. I figure at least $1200 and maybe to $2000 but that is a guess and I want to make sure I got enough before I head down there. I'm honestly talking about onsite costs not travel, food, or accommodations. Anyone that has been through it that can give me their approx costs would help. Thanks, Andy
  9. I love those guys. My lower and upper for my AR is from them. They are quickly becoming known for their quality and when they run specials for their lowers at $59.95.... dang. Once I actually saw them have it for $49
  10. I had a former Marine tactical weapons trainer tell me once that the racking of a pump shotgun slide is a universal sound of danger... "If freakin martians invaded the planet and heard that sound, they would automatically know to find cover or run..." ok well he didn't say freakin ;) Also I understand the people saying that they don't like the LCP and would rather have at least a 9mm.. then heck look at the LC9, not much bigger than the LCP. And from owning a KelTec and an LCP, I'll take the LCP. just a personal preference. And just in case anyone cares I carry a Millennium Pro .45 most times and an LCP in the summer when i can't hide the 45.
  11. Steve, I was in Eloy (Skydive Arizona) about a month ago. I have not visited enough DZs to tell you that this place is the best around, but I'll tell you that it perfectly fits what you are looking for. They have a bunk house that costs $8 per night, The Bent Prop restaurant & bar is on site, and consistent weather. If I were in your shoes, that is where I would go. I was only there for 5 days but there were many international people that were there for a month or so. You would be in good company. Plus they have the wind tunnel on site also ;) Andy
  12. Everybody on here will tell you the same thing about the TN tunnel. Honestly with your training so far, I would not worry too much about trying to get to a tunnel before your AFF. You might be better served to take the money you were going to spend on the tunnel and put it toward your AFF training so that you don't spend too much time between jumps. Progressing through AFF steadily and not laying off for a time will do more justice to obtaining your goals.
  13. my jumpsuit is urban cammo and grey. actually its identical to the ones on Freaknsuits home page header (no that's not me just liked the design so I got one.)
  14. Hey Kimbo, I'm finishing a convention in Phoenix on Friday and plan on being out Sat-Mon. I'll hook up with you and do some jumps too if that's cool and to the original poster J... While I'm out there I'll be happy to jump with you too. Back at Skydive Atlanta I'm usually the guy coaching the lower timers and organizing experienced jumpers so I would love to jump with you also. Look forward to seeing you all, Andy
  15. My 9 y/o son is only 4' 5" his rig is pretty tiny.... ok, ok... its not his rig so nobody freak out ;) It's a buddy's at Skydive Atlanta. When he got it we kept talking about it being small enough to fit my son so you know we had to put it on min and take some pics.