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  1. I'd jump somewhere else. I agree. But having said that, I have to add that after giving this issue some more thought I now stand at a point that says: - Having a structured progression program has GOT to be a good thing overall. -I'm still reluctant to agree with the costs associated with meeting the requirements of having to have paid Coach jumps. $$$$OUCH$$$$ While I agree that it is too pricey... I gotta say, so far I mostly hear the students giving good feedback on the structured progression. True that.. And cost-wise, I really felt that it was worth it- it would have taken me many more solos or choosing to pay coaches anyways to get the A reqs met without the structured program with a coach planned in on every jump "level" til A. As I've said elsewhere, at least some DZs do a payment plan specifically so as not to break the bank- thus you pay a hundred or two hundred a month for a year, and obviously, you can finish your A much faster and use the extra $ on progressing as a fun/sport jumper... yeah I spent more than I should have to get my license as a broke college student lol but this way of doing it was the best of both worlds (affordable over time but good pace of progression) I do agree with what someone said about it sometimes preventing mentorship, and I do like the idea of up jumpers being able to mentor newer ones for the love of it, but I did have a few of the same coaches for many levels and that helped- I agree even in a coach-only progression through A-license, they should try to keep consistency going and match people, not just whoever is around, etc. Either way, I am with popsjumper on the thought that more resources and support in the early stages is beneficial, or at least it was for me... "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Gandhi
  2. That poster was in Australia. I have an A and have done plenty of 2way with another A licensee, or 3-4-5 way with at least one other A or B license holder... it's just the different countries' rules. HTH, blues. R "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Gandhi
  3. No, my dear, It's almost here. The weekend's upon us, and so is the sun. Time to dirt dive and go have some fun. The dinner and raffle are this Saturday night. We'll be drawing the winners, so you hold on tight. Thanks to all that have bought tickets, and especially to all of our magnificent sponsors. Without those companies we'd never get off the ground. John
  4. Lol.. yep! I sure wouldn't complain about any of that! Fingers are crossed... Haha... Yeah that's true... I did just upgrade my main though (if I wind up winning an Aerodyne canopy discount I'll be really mad that I didn't wait longer to do so though... lol) so I have to get over that before I can start looking at my next investment (I haven't even switched out my main to the Pilot or jumped it yet!) I guess none of us can claim we absolutely **NEED** to own parachutes and stuff... but since we jump out of airplanes it's probably good that we do... Ok ok I guess we don't have to do that either... but I'm just sayin... Nine more days till raffle and boogie time.....
  5. I'm not part of the raffle, she DOES know that, right? Well, I can't renege on my contribution now, so I guess you're just gonna have to donate yourself now, Ski... Thanks John! I wanna win 50% off a custom jumpsuit or Infinity container... I can't really justify buying a second jumpsuit or second rig, but if I had half off, well, it would be easier to convince myself! LOL. I wanna see pictures of the pretty fused glass necklaces too, that sounds cool! (Maybe Ski will win one of those though, and he can share it with me when I win him...) "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Gandhi
  6. yes, but please don't, it's idiotic But so much fun to do! "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Gandhi
  7. BOOOO Though, if chicken heads were involved, maybe it's better I stayed away as a veg-head... Glad it went well! Blues.. "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Gandhi
  8. "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Gandhi
  9. This one's ^^ even shorter Deedy.. for the record Yours is indeed worth the read, though, for sure! LOL. When I read the last one, though, I got confused for a second at "PCP" ...his drugs were talking to him? about his giant penis? ohhh, the doc, got it... "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Gandhi
  10. No. Steering alternate canopies via the inside-most riser of each, TOWARDS/into the other, as you are suggesting with this, is not at least the conventional (and published/well-tested) wisdom. If you HAVE to make a turn(s), selecting ONE canopy ("the most dominant ...usually the main") and applying GENTLE inputs, so that the other canopy then "follows" it, rather - is. Andy understood what you were saying the 1st time, and has now replied to it TWICE: +1. Re-wording it, then repeating still basically the same thing again - disregardig the response(s) you are being already given, does not then make it right. I also, would not reccommend the method you are coming up with, no matter how semantically you word (and then re-word) it. FWIW. Uhh.. I respect the advice given and now understand. I have never had a 2-out, have no dog in the fight, but simply want to know what is being discussed and recommended and not get confused. The fact of the matter, while yes we should follow the SIM, is that this thread discusses several countries recommendations, and those can differ-- so there is not always one "right" answer. That said, jumping in the US and at USPA dzs, I consider the USPA SIM to by my ruoles to live by, along with my I's advice. That said, I am always interested in learning the LOGIC behind things, and why, when the SIM recommends multiple options, or USPA and CSPA differ, or whatever, some jumpers may argue for one or the other. I was also trying to get clarification as to whether what I had most recently been told was also what was being advised here and if it was backed up by other jumpers and/or by USPA, CSPA, studies/tests, etc. Just trying to learn and clarify. That's why I was ASKING. FWIW. Maybe I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today or something, but you make it sound like I am sitting here asking if it is okay to start jumping a Velocity 96 and badgering everyone until I get the answer I want. I have no "desired" answer, and I am sorry (actually I'm not really, but ya know) that I don't have as much experience in the sport to "get" certain terms or discussions without further clarification. I thought I had phrased it strangely, thus confusing Andy, and so to you both, my apologies for wasting your time trying to help a new jumper understood the language being used to discuss this. I have read the relevant SIM sections and had thought that I was initially taught in FJC that no matter the config (except downplane) you steer the dominant canopy with gentle inputs. Then at another dz, I hear someone talking about using the farthest outside risers, one on each canopy for a side-by-side, so asked back at home, and (if I understood correctly) was told that this technique was NOT to be the outside riser, but the INSIDE riser, but still one per canopy if side by side. I realize this is NOT the SIM, especially after clarification. But I also realize that not all DZs teach by the SIM. So in conclusion- thank you Andy and others who take the time to clarify to newer jumpers, and apologies to any and all for misunderstanding and wasting your time by misunderstanding certain concepts. I don't plan to have a two out (most people don't I presume) but want to learn as much as I can in case the unplanned occurs. Please don't assume that I am on here trying to stir up shit. I am on here trying to learn. Your tone implied otherwise. I did not "come up with" this method, it is simply the most recent of about five different methods people have tried to tell me are "right" or "acceptable." Again, no dog in this fight, other than avoiding two-outs and not fucking up if I have one, and I defer to the SIM and up-jumpers. Back to your regularly scheduled programming. 'Night... "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Gandhi
  11. Yes, you'd want to keep them together. Playing with risers and talking about "opposites" sounds like somebody trying to re-invent the wheel. Has that method been thoroughly tested? I think not. Personally, I think it's best to stick with the tried and proven true methodology. Dreaming up new/different techniques has gotten more than one person in trouble that could have been avoided. LOL-- backwards/opposites... I think I am confusing people... basically what you want to be doing is steering the canopies so they move together/towards each other in side by side and don't downplane on you... so technically you are "steering in reverse- i.e. the left-hand canopy is used to turn right (BUT it is indeed the RIGHT rear riser) and the right-hand canopy is used to turn left (but again, it is still the LEFT rear riser) Yes?? Sorry for the confusion! Maybe I did not phrase it well- but this is indeed the proper technique, yes? "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Gandhi
  12. ROFL. And good call not clicking... I admire your resolve. And, btw, 'Ski, you go back to your corner as well "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Gandhi
  13. What do you mean Mr. Ski? I just heard you can reinstall your Argus, no? Or is it only for Mirage (you're the rigger, not me lol) "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Gandhi
  14. Ah... semantics. Lol, sometimes things have to be phrased a certain way for my brain to process them. Sounds like this IS being taught anyways, and the logic is sound. Thanks guys! R "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Gandhi
  15. Last year, more or less in the early spring i was dating a girl who was a part time model for the some of the East coast Comic-Con / Star Trek conventions. Cute girl, red hair ,ice blue eyes just a real joy to be around. She would tell me of the pick up lines the guys would muster and it was a very good giggle. Nice girl, shame it didn't work out. She was a mom and well there were issues with her little kid and I was just not ready for that level of drama at that point. I like #16 she is very cute. You dated a... MOM!!?? Ok Shah I will leave you alone now lol. (for now) Though I think we can agree there are some hotties in there! "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Gandhi
  16. Haha, I know right!? And yeah it's off topic, but this is bonfire right? Maybe that baby in the vid is the next Cirque de Soleil fishbowl swimmer/dancer... So sexy... love this one... lol... though somehow I doubt that is how they train them, fresh out of the womb like that "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Gandhi
  17. OMG... so he did this knowing he can't have sex? And he never answered if he can have an orgasm or not!? That can't be healthy either, right!? Maybe I am naive and morbidly curious at the same time but omfg. WHY? WHY!!!??? You can "challenge the idea of what a penis should be" all you want, but uh, how many people see your penis on a daily basis?? (Well, I guess millions now that this vid is out...) I would have to assume it's a kink type thing, yeah? Wow.. ok I am now at a loss for words, going back to my corner... lol. "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Gandhi
  18. Hi there John and Valinda! I'll get the check in the mail tomorrow for 5 tickets please. Keep up the great work and I wish you the best in your health. I would love to come out there for the boogie, but unsure of my schedule and childcare at this time- I'll let you know though- we have to cross paths eventually!! In the meantime, I hope the raffle is a big success and you are able to raise a lot of funds towards a cure.. I know it's hard to understand what living with health issues is like for those who haven't been there, but you are in my thoughts, and V you are a strong woman!!
  19. Wow. Just, wow. I am all for cultural differences in child rearing and such... in fact, I LOVE the videos of the natural birthing and newborns swimming in the Black Sea... but, uh, that is NOT yoga.. and I do yoga. I realize there are many types of yoga, but that is just baby-shaking-dancing-contorting. They do have mom-baby yoga classes in the US, but definitely not that kind of class! Lol. I have 2 theories on this: 1) Notice the baby's expression and position doesn't change much if at all-- it could be a doll. 2) Yeah, agree with PP- that appears to be child abuse. Shaken baby syndrome anyone? blue skies, R "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Gandhi
  20. Just another one-- not in the SIM as far as I can see, but i was taught by one instructor that in a side-by-side, you use one rear riser from each canopy (maybe this advice was specific to my set-up, two comparable seven cells, a PR-R 175 and a Triathlon 175) and basically steer gently and backwards, i.e. the canopy on the right, you grab that canopy's left rear riser, and vice versa, so you are steering (if needing to steer, obviously make minimal inputs) in "reverse" so to speak. Anyone else heard this or comments? This was from one of my AFFIs, unless I misunderstood, which is also possible, lol... blues, R "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Gandhi
  21. Yeah... I don't think I have had many experiences with door open fully from take-off, but traveling and jumping I think there have been occasional instances where the door is propped open maybe 12 inches or so on take-off.. I definitely agree with a PP that I too despise/fear the partial cracking of the door on take-off- either open it or close it damn it, either allow enough room for the whole skydiver to follow the PC out if necessary, or prevent it in the first place! At my home dz, on really hot days, they'll ask for it open right after seatbelts come off (1k)... especially if I am right near the door, I am guarding my hackey like there is no tomorrow and pretty much holding my breath and checking my alti- "okay 1100k, emergency exit go to reserve and pray I don't die... 1600, reserve and pray... 2500 okay finally okay with the main as the first shot..." and then around 3.5-4 k normal pull altitude for my main, I can breathe again, lol. But it is fully open as opposed to partial in such situations at my home dz, so I do feel better about that- I just get anxious between 1k and my normal pull alti. I'm a nervous newbie, but yes I would rather suffer through a few more minutes of heat and wait an extra 1k feet or so after seatbelts off to open the door.. And at least it is not generally open before the seatbelts come off as the original post referenced! That is scary stuff! Thanks for posting-- Totally valid points about needing to keep the door shut AT LEAST until seatbelts are off, perhaps a bit later, and also about leaving it either fully open or fully closed at any point.. hope all other dZs take heed! Could go very very badly if not... blues, R "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Gandhi
  22. PD-R 176. Slightly bigger than my mains, plan to always keep it such (Tri 175 and Pilot 168 zpx mains). Mains loaded at 0.91-something, reserve around 0.87-something. Wouldn't consider going above the 1:1 for quite some time as canopy control is tricky for me... "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Gandhi
  23. East Troy/Skydive Milwaukee/SKSPC. PAc 750 XSTOL (er something like that) and cessna, open 6/7 days a week, awesome mix of FF/belly/CReW. Love to meet you folks!!
  24. *raises hand* With ya there... The scary part is, someone who watched me land today would probably be like, wtf... but someone who saw my student progression would actually see that my current canopy skill set is an exponential improvement. Hopefully I'll get there with continued feedback and practice, and a canopy course if I can get childcare in place for one this summer.. I can at least land in the landing area now, but I am generally overshooting, undershooting, avoiding runways, etc. Maybe one out of every three landings is how I want it and where I want it. I do feel like I am extremely cautious and aware of not turning too low/aggressive (that got drilled into me pretty good in FJC and here on incident reports!) and keeping head on a swivel, but any sense of wind/penetration/the minor adjustments needed during the pattern are often lost on me. I find it helps me to talk to folks on the prior load and/or pilot about conditions, and look at the big wall map for awhile and visualize before going up, like students are taught to do... even at 70ish jumps, I may be a bit more canopy-challenged than most, but I'm not ashamed to say that, while I still F up frequently, I F up much LESS when I take the time to study the wind direction and speed and visualize my intended pattern beforehand... "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." Gandhi