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  1. This person scammed me too and i sent them my correct address and phone contact. Supposedly they are sending me a check before I send the canopy. How can we get this person locked up? I got the warning after I already sent the info. I figure there is no harm done as long as the check clears first and then I would take it from there... ...and as JP always says, "Share the love."
  2. Thanks for the input. The 1.5 loading was on the Crossfire2 139. My exit weight is 210lbs. I had no problems landing my Sabre2 150 but I got more than my share of whack openings. Mind you I always had different packers pack my canopy. I switched to a Safire2 149 because even riggers were telling me that PD has not fully addressed changes in the opening deployment smoothness. A PD rep. asked me right away if I pack myself. Another reason that got me to switch over to Icarus was that they use a wind tunnel for their testing process. I kind of like that approach using more advanced technology to make a better canopy. I had about 700 stand-up landings on a Sabre 170 before I downsized to a Sabre2 150. I put about 150 jumps on it. I'll probably demo a Stiletto 150, and 135, before I buy a Crossfire2 139 just so I can get a feel for the difference. The openings on the Icarus canopies I've jumped have been wonderful. I've been jumping PD's for 26 years and it's hard to give up my loyalty. Thanks for any other info. ...and as JP always says, "Share the love."
  3. I've been flying a Sabre2 150 and Safire2 149 and want to get into something else now. The other day I demo'd a Crossfir2 139 and it felt like I had almost nothing over my head. The toggle pressure was extremely light, it was loaded at 1.5. I'm used to felling something a bit more solid and crisper. The landings were nice. I'd like to know what the difference would be flying a Stiletto. I know it's a totally different animal but I'd like some feedback. Thanks! ...and as JP always says, "Share the love."
  4. Will this canopy fit in this container? I had a Sabre2 150' in there, but I'm changing my canopy now. Thanks for the help guys/gals! ...and as JP always says, "Share the love."
  5. GOOD ADVICE!!! Quote ...and as JP always says, "Share the love."
  6. I'm in the process of choosing a different canopy for my Vector V310. I had a Sabre2 150 in it and need to know if a Crossfire2 149 will be OK in this container. Is it too tight, is it too loose, is it perfect, etc? Thanks for your help!!! ...and as JP always says, "Share the love."