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  1. I was wrong, you can adjust the offset altitude, but cannot change the firing speed. There is mention in the manual that some units can contain "experimental firmware" which could indicate that it's possible to attain one from Vigil with a different speed setting....
  2. I think all it took about 1 week and a half. I was without mine for two weekends basically. I ended up buying another and then took it back once I got mine back from GoPro.
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but can't you increase the speed/altitude at which the Vigil is set to fire at?
  4. No, it was not an official mod. And from Speaking with them at NZ they're not too keen on the FX with the JVX lines, simply as they haven't tested it. Their statement was that they have tested the JVX lines on the VX, with decent results as there wasn't a significant change from the VX to the JVX as far as the canopy itself and the line attachment points were concerned. Regarding the FX to the JFX though, there were significant changes and so any FX's with JFX/JVX lines were not recommended.
  5. This is digital artifacting, a physical defect/problem with the camera. GoPro will replace it, just open a ticket with them and explain the situation and they'll ask for a video or picture samples. Mine did the same but noticed it on video and they replaced it once they saw the video footage.
  6. I use a T3 with a Cookie Flat Lock mount and it is a pain sometimes to get into the card/battery. I typically just loosen the mounting screw enough to rotate the plate 180 degrees at which point I can open the slot and remove the card. I've just gotten around the issue by using larger cards so I rarely have to dump my cards until the end of the day.
  7. Steeper trim, longer lines. I've jumped several with this setup and in my experience they tend to dive a little longer, and gives em a little more range on rears. It also in my opinion, helps with the openings tremendously. I own three FX's with JVX lines (minus a2 and c2) and absolutely love them this way.
  8. I don't think I'm ever going to be at the level to jump a Leia, but why can't every canopy open that nicely?! Because not every canopy is an Icarus ;)
  9. So when and where can I sign up to get one?!?!?!?!?
  10. Does she not have the ribs in the tail like her sister? Looks absolutely sick!!
  11. I'd suggest getting someone with a fair amount of skill under a canopy to coach her through a high pull or two. Maybe not from full altitude to save some strength but it's all about technique. Every time I've seen this it's almost always been a matter of how the person flared and not always and issue of strength or line length, etc. Practice several flares up high and have someone follow along that can provide feedback/video for debriefing. I'm not the strongest guy by any means (6'2" 160lbs, tall and lankey...), and I'm a TI. I've taken passengers up to 245 lbs and it's all about technique. I had to learn to flare differently on a tandem than what I'm used to on my own gear. On my main, my hands are typically out to the side as I flare. With tandems though, you can't (at least I can't) get nearly as much leverage flaring out this way; instead I was taught and have honed my flare on tandems to be much closer to my body, flaring with my hands more or less directly under my shoulders, down past my hips. Leverage and technique
  12. The way I understand it is that there is a pulling of forces between the jumper and the canopy itself. The canopy wants to generate lift away from the jumper while the weight suspended by it is pulled back to earth; almost essentially pulling the two apart from each other and that it is this tension which keeps the jumper from resuming true freefall and the canopy no longer flying. Our bodies, basically, serve as the motor to drive our canopies. So what we have is a mass of weight suspended from an airfoil; in flight, gravity wants to pull our bodies back to the ground while the canopy itself wants to fly, creating tension on our lines. The canopy continues to 'try' and fly away from the jumper while the jumper 'tries' to pull away from the canopy.
  13. So I have the black, used it for handy cam on a tandem, experienced the exposure lock issue...All freefall pics where severely over-exposed. Ended up taking the DZ's hero3 silver up and no issues. This is a problem with only the black edition. I have a friend who has had luck holding it up to the window in the plane before starting the photo sequence and he's reported good results with it, just a pain to have to remember, especially when on jump run with a tandem strapped to ya... Also, I've shot in 1440 and it produces some very beautiful screen grabs and the footage is very clean as well, despite being 4:3
  14. I use a Cookie Liquid flat lock and just a standard tripod screw for my Drift cameras. Also, when I'm shooting tandem video/stills, i've mounted my Ghost on top of my Canon T1i using a hot-shoe mount, it ends up being a little tall but it works perfectly. I also bought a couple brackets used for mounting extra flashes to a high end DSLR and mounted it and two Drift's to the same Liquid Flatlock... Basically, you just need a standard tripod screw, 1/4 inch.