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  1. I have one or two practical tests for questionable tandem students: 1. They should be able to sit on a chair and lift their knees and stick their feet out. 2. they need to flexible enough to kneel and sit back on their heels, as we do a kneeling exit. Usually elderly and overweight (aka too fat for your height) usually don't pass this smell test and we turn them down. If we question in advance during scheduling, we encourage them to stop by before continuing to schedule, to chat with instructors. Its easier to turn someone down in advance, than to show up on your jump day and go home disappointed.
  2. I have the same sort of thing only with a CX150, too. However, raw footage viewed on a computer is sharp and colorful. Viewed after burning to a dvd looks about the same.
  3. I have 32 bit full range or 32 bit video level, and 8 bit pixel format. No 24 bit.
  4. well...better power settings and setting priority to high in the task manager knocks almost a minute off. DSE and soulabel: thanks ALOT. Am I missing anything else?
  5. DSE Clarify if you will what you mean by linear color source vs mpeg standard? The video is already shot in MPEG. Results from so far.... I changed rendering quality to good. priortized speed over quality(custom rendering option), 8 bit range, allowed vegas to use native media settings and ....We're down to about 5 minutes rendering. Is that reasonable or is there more juice to squeeze? Soulabel, It is a Dell labtop.
  6. NTSC DV widescreen 720 x480 29.97 fps 32 bit floating point rendering quality: best motion blur: gaussian deinterlace: interpolate Rendering to Mainconcepts mpeg-2, dvd NTSC template (same description as project properties). Is there anything in custom rendering settings that I should look at?
  7. unistalled PMB, DivX, and antivirus. Reinstalled vegas just for kicks. 10 minutes SD def video from CX150, 16:9. I didn't find the 3rd party codec in preferences. ?? 10 minute video, Zero effects....I gave up rendering at 10 minutes and 65% complete. about to go back to linear.
  8. it realistically just took 10 minutes. I have MS security, but its disabled. positive on that. attached is all the processes running. I opened up a fresh project and dumped just the mpg video, same thing.
  9. The time ramped up all the way to 32 minutes, but still took about 10 using main concept Mpeg-2/ DVD architect NTSV wide. watching the preview screen during rendering is only slightly faster than linear editing
  10. I'm trying to refine our editing process and it seems as though our rendering time is slow for what we have. For an 11 minute video it's taking about the same amount to render, plus some change to burn. We capture some of the training, so we're fine with the length. There is only a few seconds of intro where we change the name of the jumper, several audio ducks, and a couple of velocity envelopes (about 10 seconds total) It is shot in SD, file properties are NTSC DV widescreen, rendering quality=best. I use the vegas burn straight-to- DVD tool at the moment, video format=MPEG2 16:9. The computer is windows 7, i7 core, 8 GB RAM(max amount available), 2 x 320 GB HDD. The antivirus is disabled during rendering. I'm running SVPro 9.0e 64 bit. Is there anything you see from above that is the bottleneck? Or should I look elsewhere? Are there rendering formats that are faster than others?
  11. wingsuiting downtown chicago for Transformers 3
  12. I have PA ver 1.0 but really only use the simple duck feature for tandem vids. I listen to DSE/Chris about its benefits on the forums, but obviously don't use it up to its potential. Can anyone offer some advice on using it's potential to speed up any steps in the workflow?
  13. 60p source, twixtor (or other time-shift software), converted footage with heavy C/C... and good editing in the case of this vid. You can do this with almost any cam....just takes time, a little skill, and the effort. Is there a vegas plug-in for twixtor? Or is there a suitable workflow to emulate?
  14. sounds familiar. we had one email that had a title "here you go" and maybe a link to a file which was a virus. I think the "reply all" scenario you speak of was actually part of the virus.