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  1. Thanks everyone. All great information. My ultimate goal is quality of life. If I can acheive controllable, minimal or no pain, that would be ideal. This gives me a lot to think about and more ways to do some more research. Thanks again.
  2. How long were you in the hospital after surgery? After the surgery, how long was it before the pain of the surgery was gone? I still have some pain in my neck, but it is no longer constant so I can't complain too much. My fear of fusion is that I would have to go through tremendous pain and it won't work. A good friend of mine had her lower back (not sure exactly which ones) fused and she is no better for it 5 years later. I also don't want to have to take pain meds forever. I had surgery on a Monday and could have gone back to work on Thursday. I took the whole week off, but only because I had excess time off I needed to use.
  3. Has anyone had either of these procedures? Personally, I had the ADR and a ProDisc C was used. I had a ruptured disc at C5-C6 and a friend of mine recommended his doctor. I had the surgery 6 1/2 weeks ago. I have a little pain still, but nothing like I had before and I am still in the healing process so that pain could completely go away. I am curious if anyone has had the replacement and how it worked for them. Anyone have fusion? I have heard fusion is really painful to have done and heal through. I have a few other discs that need to be "fixed" and I'm not sure which route to go. Thus far, I have had good luck with this "fake" one, but if too many need to be replaced, they suggest fusion.