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  1. What? I had to look a second time before I saw the dog
  2. Hooked from the moment I landed - I was too busy loving life and every second of it during the jump to think ahead. Got my baby (aka rig) around jump 70 - Lot of time looking for a good "new to me" child
  3. I really like how they look, and based on the last winter in the northeast a reliable option
  4. I'm finally back in the air from about a 3 year hiatus, and it seems that isn't the only change for the year -- Wifey has a little bundle of joy in the oven. Sooooo, it makes me wonder what I'll things I'm likely to give up due to the new responsibilities. What did you give up with the arrival of the first child? P.S. Im sticking with skydiving, I probably won't be jumping nearly as much as I had anticipated but it's ok if can make it out a couple of times per month
  5. Thanks FFnick I have a little one on the way too. I kinda liked the clamshells back door for when the child is able to attempt an escape. Do you find that the height and the fully open doors make it easier to maneuver a baby seat?
  6. Since I'm new to motorcycles and looking for safety gear I came across airbag jackets on youtube. Anybody have any feedback on these? [url[/url]
  7. Congratulations! Look for a class ASAP as most classes, in NJ at least, are fully booked for the next month. I just finished the class and license,but no bike yet. PS. In NJ and I assume other states require that you have a permit before signing up the class
  8. Taking the big step tomorrow. Today seems like any other day, but everyone I see asks the same question "Are you nervous?" Why should I be?
  9. The MSF course was well worth the price with excellent instructors and a very nice and diverse group of students that ranged from people like me who have never been on a bike to a former 11 year city motorcycle cop who hasn't ridden in 8 years.
  10. Thanks for all the replies. I'm definitely going with a used first bike. I knew the Blasts were discontinued, but did not know about HD not servicing them, so with that I'm assuming that getting parts would be more difficult. I ultimately want to get a nice cruiser, but I'm in no rush to get there, so I plan on having a couple of intermediate bikes until I get my desired "dream" bike
  11. Just spent this very windy weekend doing a lot of turns, stop and go, etc. This was my first time ever on motorcycle and I must say, it was a lot of fun. I could do the slalom course all day long. The class helped clarify a few things like scooter or motorcycle - Definitely motorcycle for more visibility, noise and power to get out of tricky situations. I took the class at a Harley dealership and I'm choosing to ignore the sales guy recommendation to get a 1200cc as a first bike and just grow into it, but I did like their training models _ 500cc Buell Blast Anybody familiar with the Buell Blast?
  12. I've already signed up for the safety course - despite the possibility of getting a scooter, (49cc) which doesn't require a motorcycle license, as Dave said. Plan on buying used and small to start keeping for 1-2 seasons just to get some basic skill and awareness, then move on from there.
  13. Why a 50cc scooter? Simply because it just happens to be what I'm seeing for sale on Craigslist (with the Vespa look). I would love to ride my bicycle to work, but unfortunately 80% of the way to work will be uphill, and I can't show up all dirty and sweaty.
  14. I'm thinking about getting a scooter for commuting to work (5-7 miles). This may be my gateway into the motorcycle world, so I have 2 questions. 1) Would the skills learned on a 50cc scooter translate to motorcycle when and if I decide to get one down the road? 2) Would I be better off just getting a low power motorcycle to start with? The dealership had a display 125cc for sale, but I'm afraid that it may be too underpowered. I don't want to spend a lot of money, because I'm not really sure this is something I'll stick with and b/c I'm broke. thanks