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Dropzone Reviews posted by AJWILSON

  1. Having been crusing about the South Island trying to jump at "Tandem Factories" it was very refreashing to turn up here and be told I was very welcome and they would try to get me in the air as soon as possible. And they did, pairing me up for a 2-way sit jump with one of the other sport jumpers hanging about, then a 3-way very soon after. Very cool place, some of the most chill and friendly tamdem masters I have ever met and a good fun vibe around the whole dropzone. Just be warned they do hold the 'first' beer rule very seriously and appaerntly the beer bought must start with the letter 'M'. go there, jump and have fun!!

  2. It is an amzing place but the dropzone is just a small hanger at Wanaka Airport. I called up and was told you need at least a B licence, I told them I had 120 jumps and an A licence and they said I could not jump, harsh.