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  1. On 12/16/2021 at 9:15 PM, MickPatch said:

    Had a ride on a 15 year old Tempo this year, opened superbly well (5 months and 26 days since repack) and floated me down beautifully. 

    Repacked and ready for when it is next needed.

    How long would you continue to repack a Tempo or how long is it safe to repack  . I had a ride on my Tempo 150 at Hinton when it was 15 years old. That was 7 years ago. Should I be thinking about a reserve shopping trip ? 

  2. I like chips, pies and skydiving and in an effort to keep my wing loading at a safeish  level considering that im not jumping as much as I used too, what are the pro's and cons for low volume reserves and how much of a size might I be able to upsize to with a low volume reserve. My  Tempo 150 reserve sits pretty tight in my Vector might I be able to get a 170 low pack volume in the same reserve tray ? How many low pack reserves exist on the market these days are there any more than the Icarus Nano ? 

  3. Im trying to find the pack volume of the Pulse 170 . PD don't list it on the web site specs and Im still waiting to hear back from them. I'm wondering if I can get one in a Voodoo V3 container 350-400 cu in.

  4. Ive not jumped for 3 yrs due to a motorcycle accident. During this time Iv'e put on some extra weight. I'm 5ft 8 and 240 Lbs. When i last jumped my 150 crossfire I was about 20 Lbs lighter. Iv'e about 500 jumps and was very happy on the 150. Am I pushing the envelope now Im a bit chunkier and not so current? The wing loading for me at my current weight is about 1.7.