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  1. A video camera. And set you neptune 2 to log canopy flight for your freefall speeds.
  2. Thanks all for the helpfull reply's! That explains why I cant find naptha flakes then! Unfortunately, I do live in the tropics, and to top that off... Its the wettest part of Australia ... I have pulled the canopy out a couple of times to check and all is good so far. I might chase down some more silica gel packs and put them in a food dehydrator over night to really dry them out and then in a sealed bucket as some have suggested. Its coming up to the wettest time of year here and the last thing I want to happen is get through all this then the canopy is cactus . Thanks again for all the info! Blue sky's and safe jumping!
  3. Gday all! I crushed my spine on a jump (a few months but was just able to walk away from it which leaves me with hope that I will jump again one day! My canopy is fairly new (a little over 30 jumps on it and the accident wasn't due to the canopy size etc or the turn per say). Ive sold the rest of my rig and have the main in plastic bag with 8 silica gel saches to de humidify. Im still quite a few months off jumping again but want to keep my canopy in the best condition I can. My Packer B licence said Naptha Flakes but I cant find them anywhere? Whats is the best way to store it so it comes back out like brand new again with no mildew, mould etc? Any info will be greatly appreciated! Blue sky's and safe jumping Cheers
  4. Hi all, I have a fairly new rig (130~ jumps on it) my right leg strap keeps coming loose in the plane on the way to height, i re tension it before exiting then it comes loose again when I deploy.? Landings are a bit tricky when 1 leg strap is 5+ inches longer than the other... any body else solved this problem? What can I do to stop this happening? Cheers in advance for the info! Blue sky's
  5. As main subject... I want to know the best quality set up of lenses I can get from these cameras. Work and fun. Quality images is what its about! For me anyway.... Thanks in advance for all that offer quality advice! Cheers Steve
  6. Jumped it all day yesterday with nicks way of packing... 700 to 800 ft snivel from terminal!!! and on heading!!! I flaked it as normal, left the slider level with the nose, folded the tail 3 times before laying it down and pushed that slider on the stops thoughout the whole pack job... Feels like a completely different canopy opening over my head!!! I had a look for the serial no but its not on the label? Its a new Javlin J3K container and F111 pilot chute. Not sure on the size of it. The container is for a 170sqft canopy but I can get 189 in the bag comfortably pulling the gromets to the lacky attachment points and not stretching them at all. Thanks everyone for all the info, hints and tips! Through all your advice I can now jump all day long in absolute comfort!
  7. Thanks Mel, ill pm you the serial no when i get home tonight. Off the top of my head i leave about 3" of the slider haning out infront of the nose give or take? Its a slippery new canopy so i always trash pack it but i do take my time flaking it, yet to try the drunken pack! See how we go tomorrow! Ive got it packed Nick Grillets way atm, (well to the best of my ability). I left the nose alone and only folded not rolled the tail 3 times and pulling down to keep the slider against the stops as i lay it down. I also pulled the gromets down to the band rather pulling the band through to the gromets, I double stowed all the stowes with large bands. Hopefully it helps
  8. There is nothing on nz aerosports web site about line trim specs or slider sizes... I had a look on PD's site, a 79 velo has a bigger slider than mine... Their sabre 2 190 slider is 26" x 31"... Might not have anything to do with it but there is quite a bit of difference to mine... Anyone know the specs for a safire 2 189 slider? Cheers for all the help!
  9. No i didn't. I pulled it out again and measuring it that way it measures 31.75" x 18.5" though i did not pull the cutaway and fully remove it but its stretched as much as it can go in either folded centre. Is it ment to be that small from front riser to rear riser?
  10. I'm keen to try the psycho pack, does your control lines go over the pack job when you triangle it? Have you done it with a safire2? Makes it so much easier to bag it! Just concerned about the lines... Might just man up and try it.
  11. Ive done that several times, thats when it opens quicker. Ive just repact it nick grillet's way and double lacky stowed all locking stowes. Hopefully wont get a bag lock. Soon find out. Ha ha ha well this is a safire 2 not a sabre 1! I paid for a longer snivel, just wish it would . Cheers for the help!
  12. Ok, i just measured the slider. Its 31" x 18". Is that right?
  13. I checked out his packs. I will try it that way this arvo if I get to jump. Without rolling the nose or pushing the nose in. Ill measure the slider when im doing it and let you know. Ill get my rigger to check it again against the specs. I bought it brand new through my rigger. Not sure where it was made? How do you tell? Is it on the warning label on the tail? I tried the psycho pack a few times but never jumped it cause when i triangle the tail. The control lines come over the whole pack job? Thought it might give me a line over, i asked everyone at the dz but no one there knows how to pack like that. When i lay it down i grab the grommets of the slider, line them up and gently push away from the container to re tension the lines, i then put my knees on the grommets so they do move when I press the air out. I dont lay on the pack job, i carfully push the air out holding the pc attachment point and using my forearm to push the air towards the pc so i dont disturb the lines too much. I'll try nicks way and see how it goes. Thanks all for all the help! I'll let you know more when I find out more.
  14. Hi all, I'm jumping a new safire 2 189 (bit over 30 jumps so far on the canopy). I'm getting some real funky openings, some really hurt, most end up in a 360 or more. I've been rolling the nose (4 cells each side) into the nose of the center cell, and rolling the tail 15 times before laying it on the ground to try and slow them down. I always make sure the slider is on the stops and quartered before I roll the tail and lay it down to compress the air out of it. Sometimes its a 500ft snivel which is an ok opening but mostly its around 200ft. I've been told im doing too much to it when packing but when i do less (aka standard issue pro pack) i get the tingles in the fingers and whiplash when it opens. Ive had others pack it and still get the same thing. I'm thinking its the line trim or the slider size but i could be wrong? Any thoughts, suggestions or other packing tips will be greatly appriciated.
  15. I tried the psycho pack again last night. No lines to worry about??? I must had not flaked and done the lines properally the other couple of times... Opened fine without any drama whatsoever
  16. Nice! What canopy do you have? Is the fusion a 9 cell? Ive heard the opening are ment to be better with the psycho pack. I went to the dz and showed them what im talking about. She said it definately doesn't look right and showed me some tricks with the pro pack. Im putting too much weight on it when i do the s folds (102kgs is too much). They were very helpfull and got it in the bag for me and i got to jump it . Was a very nice on heading opening too! I didnt take any photo's as it was a rush to get on a load. Still in the same boat with the psycho pack though. Ill pull it apart tonight and take some photos after work. Thanks again for the advice. Cheers
  17. Bloody iphone's! Ill see if they can give me some tips today on the pro pack that might work better for me. Ill also take some photo's of what im talking about when im there. Thanks again for all the info! Cheers Steve
  18. Thanks everyone for the help. Much appriciated! The PD pack is the one im having dramas getting it into the bag. (as soon as i start the s fold it goes everywhere, even with the reverse s) Im wanting to eventually pack like that but cant with the new canopy atm. Im heading to the dz in a minute to pick up some pointers and work on it. Ill try and upload some photo's when i get back with the line issue im having. Ive been using the precision pack (precision aerodynamics), the icarus psycho pack, the youtube 2 vid psycho pack, the other dirty psycho pack on youtube with step by step instructions and the pd pro pack clips.
  19. Hi, Ive just picked up a slipery new safire 2 canopy. Ive tried pro packing it with no luck at all getting it into the bag. Did some research online and found out about psycho packing but no one packs like this at the dz i jump at. Ive tried packing it like this and it gets in the bag so easy! But when I fold the tail into the triangle over the nose ive noticed that the 2 inside control lines (ones closest to the centre cell attached to the tail) go over the whole pack job aka nose. Is this normal? Im thinking it may give me a line over or am I wrong? I haven't jumped it yet. Not really keen on chopping it on the first jump with it! Ive gone through the online instructions a few times but it doesn't mention anything. So Im guessing im doing something wrong (though it may be right?) Any advice would be greatly appriciated. Cheers Steve
  20. Its slightly to do with cost but mainly safety aka getting used to the canopy that i will throw my self off cliffs with... but with the help of my homework, ive decided to go down the path of getting a second hand complete skydiving rig and jump that (skydiving) till it either needs upgrading or till I get to the 200 jumps. Then ill try and borrow a beginners wingsuit, so then I can buy a ghost 2 and get used to flying that. By then I will hopefully have the sufficient knowledge, understanding and experience needed to buy a wingsuit BASE rig and a Velcro BASE rig. I was being a bit gun ho earlier. Wingsuit BASE is just the ultimate freedom! I want to be able to do it 1000's of times rather than just once! So through all of your advice and help ill do it the right way. Thanks heaps again! Cheers Steve PS. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!
  21. Good answers! Finally! In Aus I like the fact that I could go for a 4x4 to the blue mountains, camping, hardcoreish offroading then jump off some of the cliffs, this would be an unreal weekend/s away! The mountains are around 4hrs away, im a 4x4er so love getting out into the wilderness so travel doesn't phase me. There's bridges and buildings that I can jump from at night closer if I want, but I think I might need more practice before doing that... Im thinking of purchusing a block (250 jumps) to get my jumps/skills up once ive completed my AFF... I am trying to keep costs down by buying my B.A.S.E. rig first and use the canopy in a secondhand skydiving contain with whatever reserve, So I know exactly how my B.A.S.E. canopy handles in any situation before using it for what its made for... I will have to buy a few different containers as I eventually want to get into a wingsuit for skydiving and B.A.S.E. but my first B.A.S.E. rig should be velcro rather than pins which is highly NOT recommended for a wingsuit. As im sure all of you were when you started out, I just want to do all of it yesterday, but im sadly realizing that there a rule's to B.A.S.E. that i never thought were there (but there for good reason). I just hope we have blue sky's Christmas day so I can get that bit closer to my dream! Do you think they'll let an AFF student to jump in a santa suit??? Thanks again for all the info (worthless or not) Cheers Steve
  22. Just did some more home work! Thanks all for the info! Been a great help! Hope to see you all in the sky one day!!! Cheers Steve
  23. Can I use a BASE canopy for skydiving?? What are the differences? Cheers Steve
  24. What is the difference between a BASE canopy and a skydiving canopy?? Cheers Steve
  25. I am wanting to get into BASE, I realize I have to do AT LEAST 200 skydives before I can attempt a BASE jump, but in doing so I would like to get the gear that I will be using for BASE so I know exactly how to use it and how it handles when the time comes. That way I can change the slider (eventually) to large mesh for hop n pops to get used to a non terminal opening with aka 4-5 sec delays to get used to the harshness of it, then to a small mesh slider for terminal openings (all in good time though!). Obviously Ill be getting a skydiving container to learn from though so there will some variants but mainly canopy control (rear risers etc...) and openings is what im trying to work out... Thanks heaps for any info! Cheers steve