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  1. High Winds: Where you turn is where you burn ! Y yo, pa' vivir con miedo, prefiero morir sonriendo, con el recuerdo vivo". - Ruben Blades, "Adan Garcia"
  2. Wendy: Thanks, working on it. Since the Synergy so far has no reviews, I wanted to get a fair amount of jumps on it before I posted the first one. Blue Skies Jorge Y yo, pa' vivir con miedo, prefiero morir sonriendo, con el recuerdo vivo". - Ruben Blades, "Adan Garcia"
  3. Well, I've been looking all over the forums to share experiences with the Synergy canopy and so far all I have found are a few 2002 posts. I've been flying a Synergy 170 at 1.4+ for the last 2 months and the canopy is a mixed emotion. Yes, it takes a lot of muscle to work the canopy. I have flown it from 14k to the ground and it could be described as a BowFlex exercise machine ! It takes muscle. However, it's highly predictable, flies so solid that I cannot compare it to anything else I've flow (given limited experience at 400+ jumps) and it's responsive once you get the hang of the toggle input required (perception). On the downside, it's highly finicky when it comes to packing. Expect a few snappy openings, which I like to describe as terminal reserve rides. 1.2 seconds from pitch to inflation (multiple videos to show, not talking about a single instance). The HMA lines require attention to line stows selection and packing method. Cheers Jorge Y yo, pa' vivir con miedo, prefiero morir sonriendo, con el recuerdo vivo". - Ruben Blades, "Adan Garcia"
  4. Well, I can tell you I have a Synergy 170 and put over 80 jumps on it so far. My observations are: 1) It's no Spectre, I have over 150 jumps on the Spectre and NOTHING opens like a Spectre. I owned a Spectre 210 for about 100 jumps and currently own a Spectre 170 with around 60 jumps. Respective load factors are 1.2 and 1.43. Predicatable opening, on-heading and soft on the Spectre. 2) Synergy: SNAPO ! Highly suceptible to packing technique, however, it flies a hell a of a lot better than the Spectre. SOLID, almost turbulence-immune and plenty of flare at 1.43 load factor. Openings can be terminal reserve ride-like. 3) Haven't found many people flying Synergy canopies (uh?). So it's hard to compare notes. Cheers Jorge Y yo, pa' vivir con miedo, prefiero morir sonriendo, con el recuerdo vivo". - Ruben Blades, "Adan Garcia"
  5. Think twice about it. The JVC can hardly take regular use, let alone skydiving punishment. I had to retire my JVC after 6 months. Y yo, pa' vivir con miedo, prefiero morir sonriendo, con el recuerdo vivo". - Ruben Blades, "Adan Garcia"
  6. My understanding is: the 120BT's bluetooth implementation is not compatible with other BT implementations. Y yo, pa' vivir con miedo, prefiero morir sonriendo, con el recuerdo vivo". - Ruben Blades, "Adan Garcia"
  7. Openings: In my opinion, this is the area where the Synergy has me puzzled. I must say that I rarely pack and my packing skills cannot be taken into consideration since I've never packed the Synergy myself ( Yes, I hate packing). But, I've had over a dozen experienced packers take a crack at this canopy, and the opening performance is highly suceptible to packing performance. You can expect anything from a 1.3 seconds terminal reserve ride-like opening to a 3.0 seconds pitch-to-opening ride. Compared to the Spectre, the openings are FAST, VERY FAST. However, the Spectre can scare the pants out of anyone who hasn't experienced a 1200 ft snivel. The good news: I am not afraid to pitch my Synergy below 3,000 ( as opposed to a 3,100 ft pitch and 1,900' saddle ride on the Spectre). However, even with such speedy openings, it hasn't come close to breaking my neck, even with a Bonehead Optick and a Sony DCR-120BT on Board !) The openings are definitively on the "lazy" side, and end-cell closures are the norm (which accounts for a softening of the blow). Heading is rather predictable, with only one lousy 180 degrees off-heading opening in about 80+ jumps. Flight: This is where the Synergy makes you forget about the opening performance. One word: SOLID ! The canopy flies in orders of magnitude better than a Spectre, but read on. It's almost immune to turbulence, I can't recall a single instance where the canopy buffeted, vibrated or dove amidst unstable air. You will feel a cross-wind, but it will keep flying solid and correcting the direction is not a problem. Takes a significant amount of toggle input to turn (maybe my toggles are set too low), but it's smooth as silk in turns. At the same time, it's not the canopy I like to take on a crew-like ride. I've done two rides from altitude (12,000' or higher openings) and it feels like a Bowflex machine, you will have to muscle your way down ( quite a departure from the Spectre's easy turn attitude). Landing: I am no high-performance canopy pilot, and I seek a forgiving canopy. Well, the Synergy is far more forgiving than a Spectre (for slow learners like me). It's flare is like a checking account overdraw feature, it's hard to run out of funds. It will bring you down safely, period. Even at 1.4+ wing load (near the maximum recommended), the canopy behaves like a champ. Overall: I can't believe there aren't a few thousand Synergies out there. It's a good overall canopy, and that's all I am looking for. Safe, solid, predictable and responsive when needed. Disclaimer: I rarely pack, and I mean RARELY ( one packing job in a hundred jumps). The good news is: you get an objective performance about the opening characteristics regardless of the packer. The bad news, I can't tell you what packing method would give you the best results.
  8. See Post at :;search_string=Synergy%20Canopies;#564977 Y yo, pa' vivir con miedo, prefiero morir sonriendo, con el recuerdo vivo". - Ruben Blades, "Adan Garcia"
  9. Since my experience is with either Spectre or Synergy, I would like to compare the two and get some feedback. To frame the discussion, I guess I start with my other canopy: a Spectre 170 loaded at 1.35 ( prior to this one I had a Spectre 210, loaded at 1.1). The load factor seems to make a difference on the opening. The Spectre 210 used to take around 900 to 1100 feet to open, while the Spectre 170 is a bit snappier opening at 700 to 800 feet. Either canopy opens softly and on-heading with a "mushy feeling" and then full inflation. Toggle pressure to turn is average, with the turn initiating within a two to three inches input. The Spectre can turn very agressively, with toggle input. Now, for the Synergy 170. Since the load factor is the same as the Spectre 170, the variations on performace have at least this factor in common. I was expecting the same type of opening as the Spectre, but I was surprise to see how quickly it opens. In fact, I consider the opening rather stiff for a seven cells. I have jumped Sabre 170 and Sentry 170 with softer openings than the Synergy. I normally have the canopy packed by our rigger, and she does a superb job. No mushy opening, but invariably it has end-cell closures followed by slow inflation. The slider gets hung 1/2 way everytime. The previous owner sent it to the factory for a line repair and PA changed the slider to a larger slider. To get the slider down I have to pump the front risers ( and some times the rear risers too). My concern in that the added friction on the HMA lines will make the fail prematurely. I'll write to PA about that. It flies rock-solid, less bouncing on turbulence. Toggle input required is far more than the Spectre, around 6 inches to start a good turn and takes a fair amount of muscle. I did a 10,000 feet opening and I my arms got a workout by the time I landed. The canopy is far more suceptible to cross winds than the Spectre (that was a big surprise, I thought I had a built-in turn and it turned out to be cross winds, It became apparent after six jumps) Flare is superb and at 1.35+ load it comes down pretty fast. Overall, the Synergy is a different experience than the Spectre. I haven't quite formulated an opinion, and at 375 jumps, I need far more experience to be a good canopy evaluator. Any thoughts out there? Cheers Y yo, pa' vivir con miedo, prefiero morir sonriendo, con el recuerdo vivo". - Ruben Blades, "Adan Garcia"
  10. Addictive ? Skydiving ? HELL NO ! Skydiving is NOT addictive ! I have researched the U.S. Food & Drug admnistration's database and can conclusively tell you that skydiving is not listed as a controlled substance (neither is the nylon from which the parachutes and webbing are made). Yeah, aircraft fuel is HARMFUL to your HEALTH (so is car fuel), so my recommendation is to minimize your exposure to the fuel by leaving the aircraft when the pilot allows you to! Blue Skies ! Y yo, pa' vivir con miedo, prefiero morir sonriendo, con el recuerdo vivo". - Ruben Blades, "Adan Garcia"
  11. Lets see.... at 351 jumps the statistics are: 200 lbs - Birthday Suit (top load) 6 lbs - Birthday Suit Decorations (Shirt Pants Shoes) 2 lbs - Helmet + Altimeter + Google 8 lbs - Container + Dirt 7 lbs - Main Canopy 7 lbs - Reserve Canopy 1 lbs - Cypress ----------- 231 lbs Exit Weight 231 lbs / 170 ft^2 = ~1.356 lbs/ft^2
  12. LOVE IT ! EXCELLENT ! Easy to glance altitude, accurate, lightweight, versatile! Worth its price and then some. I have two units and love them both. I've been jumping Digitudes for over six months and can't find a reason to go back to analogs. It's just that much easier to read! No double guessing ! Plus the ability to jump at night or on late sunsets without strapping a chem-glow to my wrist.... On Coaching dives, it's an excellent teaching tool along with video. Just put your wrist in front of your camera whenever you want to show the altitude to your student during debriefing! Oh, yeah you can do that with an Analog and spend a couple of minutes figuring out if it was 4000 or 3700 deployment. Specially effective under canopy as the analogs have those itsy bitsy 500ft lines ! The only downside is the reliability of the displays. Unless I am doing something wrong, both units began to lose the display after a couple of hundred dives ( some of the bars go dim or disappear). So a trip to the factory maybe required ! Overall, it's a solid 4 stars.
  13. Yipee! Puerto Rico here I go ! Counting time, I'll be there by Sunday Morning... a couple of days to take in the heat before I jump into the fire. Look forward to seeing all you FREAKS out there :o) Y yo, pa' vivir con miedo, prefiero morir sonriendo, con el recuerdo vivo". - Ruben Blades, "Adan Garcia"
  14. What can I say? I am flying a Spectre 210 at 1.0 lb/^2ft. Everyone at the DZ recommended this canopy for a newbie with less than 100 jumps. So I broke down and bought it. What a difference! So long PLF, it flares like a dream. Takes some getting used to the extra speed, but it is extremely forgiving on landing. Responsiveness? Yes! Extremely predictable toggle input, and it handles like a dream in turbulunce. I plan to get at least a couple of hundred jumps before I go down to the 190 (yes, it will be a Spectre again). Thanks PD !