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  1. Just purchased a Triathlon 175. It's my first rig and wasn't sure what to expect from a 7 cell. I had been flying a 190 student rig. I'm flying at about 1.1:1. I love it and would recommend this canopy to anyone. It opened softly, was very forgiving, and packed easily. My 2 cents
  2. No, my name is Marc. Q just left to be stationed in Texas.
  3. Thx, I'm hoping to make a trip up to Boulder later this summer. See you then
  4. got my stamp. what a great feeling
  5. Hi there. I'm recently licensed, and can't wait to visit another dz. Don't get me wrong, I love my dz in Canon. The only problem is that being in Colorado, and flying to altitude in a 205, we only go to 8500 agl. I want to fly in a king air or an otter, and get to 12 or 13. Help
  6. I also am a late starter. I'll be 44 in a couple of months. I have 23 jumps, and have hopes of getting my A license in a few weeks. Congrats
  7. Good luck and have fun. I jump out of Fremont County.
  8. we're getting close now. doing more maneuvers now. Can't wait till I earn my license.
  9. I just jumped with a guy today, he was 300 lbs. Keep looking, maybe a club, you'll find someone who can help
  10. got jumps 12, 13, and 14 today. Tried (unsuccessfully) a two-way with my jm. There is always tomorrow. Finally getting max altitude, lots of freefall time.
  11. I jump at High Sky. Originally I went there because they offerred static line. Static line was the best choice for me. I love it there. It's a very small dz, so you get to know everyone quickly. Maybe I'll see you around. Marc
  12. broncoty, where do you jump from. Mile-hi? I think your weather might even be worse than mine. I go down to Canon City. I love it there. How do you like your dz
  13. Thank you for the support. I made a couple more jumps this past week-end.