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  1. I have a really bad feeling about this!
  2. Hey jay! What's your main and how fast were you guess?
  3. I doubt anyone would want to loose their main but would really blow.. if there's a problem with the reserve and you could've had more time to deal with it.
  4. I have! A few people didn't have the common sense or were too lazy to replace their closing loop when they should have. When they ask for a gear check and I see a loop that is super hairy....I tell them that it's time to replace that thing and I wonder if they even know how to.I showed one girl how easy it was to do when we got back on the ground.
  5. Glad you're okay ! Weird stuff with the zipper blowing open . I'd get a ditter as soon as you can . They're not too replace being heads up but when your attention wanders ....they scream ! Wake up and pull !
  6. callahan

    kurupee suits

    My brother ordered a pair of pants from them about two months ago . The sizing was way , way off ! The quality of materials was really poor too ! They did credit his account and never charged him for the pants . The only thing is no one can fit into them .
  7. I have a Z-1 that I've been using for a few years when it gets colder . I've never had it open up before but I have been warned from others about this happening .I sanded down the visor a little so the air flows over it better when I'm in a sit . I've never had it open up before . I just make sure that I feel it click before I head out the door . In the winter , I use some rainex defog on the inner lense . The stuff is great ! I use a bonehead in the summer . You can bake it to get a great fit on your head . I almost lost it on a jump .It fits so tight that I didn't know that I it wasn't buckled . It's very quiet in the air when you can get it to fit that well .
  8. It was a toss up to put this in gear and rigging or safety and training . I was just wondering if people consider the color of your jumpsuit or clothes you wear for freefall . When we're on jumprun it's easy to spot a white plane that's going over some dark ground way down below . In the summer , I usually wear a white sweatshirt for sit jumps to make myself easier to see . In the winter it's a dark one if there's snow on the ground . I almost lost sight of a friend on a sitjump because they were all over the sky and the jumpsuit they were wearing was very difficult to see with the color of the ground . They got below me . If someone drifted into my airspace , it sure would be alot easier to see them come pull time if they were wearing something that was bright and easy to see . What do you think about the subject ?
  9. You never know what you might see out there . Things could get messed up and you might have to keep tracking or dump right away if someone opens up below you . I'd rather not try this unless I do a higher hop n pop and no one else is out there .
  10. I jump in jeans or bike shorts all the time . I always tuck my shirt into underwear and then wear a belt or have a cord on my shorts to keep things tight .It's scary how many times I've seen people not keep their shirts tucked in. I try to warn them about this but it's like talking to the wall . Be safe !
  11. At our dropzone they wanted you to have at least 50 jumps until you got into it . I started learning how to sit around 70 jumps . I went out alone for about 40 jumps until I felt confident enough to do a two way and not take the other person out . I usually stay with two ways now just to be on the safe side . Things happen very fast up there .
  12. I think you guys are right on with the other pass . I've had two close ones that the people didn't have a clue with what was going on . I think people should get out after the tandems and pull high until they can stay perpendicular to the line of flight .I'm alot more careful to quiz the guy before and after me to size up the situation . I realized that if I had done that before , a different result could've turned out from better planning .
  13. I was wondering what people thought of the tracking pants ? Do you think you can fly farther using them compared to an rw suit with booties ? Or , do they help you fall slower but you don't get to fly as far ?
  14. The reason you got dumped after you flaired is because you held the toggles down too long after you landed . I'll usually drop them just as my feet touch . I'll turn around and walk back towards the canopy to release the pressure off the lines . I'll keep walking and get downwind of the canopy as I gather up my lines . I was always taught that if you chop it , to hold onto one toggle so the canopy doesn't blow away .
  15. There wouldn't be any freefall time but I know they've been d-bagging them from the underside of hot air balloons .