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  1. it's not always (almost never) easy but u hv to make a choice when you get out of bed, be happy or...... Good music, good food, good friends ect but it starts with U.
  2. the current owner pulled the motor and rebuilt it to turbo specs, has everything for the turbo except dme, he just cant finish it. it isnt running and thats why the 2k price. if he can prove his story i will buy it, getting it running non-turbo and go from there.
  3. nope, its blue good point mama!!
  4. found one with a fresh motor, 1984, body is sweet, $2000, thoughts? i can work on it myself.
  5. i like the bottom one, but try it with the lighting ball behind the logo separating the name
  6. it was a 182, student on the step, aff I in the door. i was more wondering/thinking if its common/ok to have such a weight/size dif with student, aff i. i am 6' 220 lbs and hv jumped with people of dif sizes but being bigger than most i hv never exp trying to hang on to someone twice my size
  7. check out the 2007 Lexus GS 350 AWD, u can find one with about 60k in ur price range. i would fix the audi either way, cant sell it like it is. bring it to fl and i will buy it
  8. i love my audi, and in your area awd has to be a consideration. subaru, another audi, i think lexus has a few awd. all great cars with good mpg. maybe find a side shop and hv them do the work? cheaper than a new car
  9. from what i understand it happens often with this AFF I and bigger people. maybe strength training is the solution?
  10. i watched a 100lb AFF I take a 240lb guy on his AFF 1, she lost grip off the step, jump went to hell. AFF I is a long time jumper but i am wondering if this was really safe/a good choice.
  11. how many adhd people does it take to screw in a light bulb? Hey wanta go fishing?
  12. I am new to skydiving but want to learn as much as i can and am looking to start somewhere i can grow and stay for a while. Any suggestions/thoughts would be great
  13. naa they are only a temp solution
  14. priceless, or maybe just some wedding cake since they hv trouble getting things around it