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  1. Anyone heard a date yet?
  2. I don't think I could squeeze my fat ass through that tiny gap. :)
  3. I don't know if i had it to do over again if i would have liked to have already had a reserve ride or not, I sure wasn't looking for it when it found me thats for sure
  4. Living in oklahoma i know exactly what your talking about. Last monday - friday. 50 degrees and a 5mph wind. Saturday and sunday 30 degrees 40 mph gust with rain and snow. wtf
  5. Nope. Never done AFF, Started off SL. lol 15 second straight to full altitude. Tha'td be nice.
  6. Not a new jumper, but still a student. Read the forums all the time, just never signed up until now. Just saying hi i guess.