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  1. I have no basis for this, but I am wondering about the 50lbs figure. Does this number come from somewhere? I just imagine with a kite surfer as routine more force is involved to drag an adult across waters surface. But as I said I have no basis for this assumption and might be missing the purpose of this device.
  2. Now now, posting to the interwebs never directly hurt or killed the one that made the post.
  3. They haven't made phones with dials for decades.
  4. Do you really think I want to land with the plane? Have you met any pilots?!
  5. Link to video for anyone interested.
  6. Suddenly I want a round reserve, and to learn to spot like it really really counts.
  7. A local DZO declares a vagina is a primary qualification. The declaration continues, men can do the job mostly, but don't have the same follow through on it, and it's the follow through that's important.
  8. Seconding the otterbox, I am forced to carry an iphone for work. I'm sure the thing would be smashed to bits already if it weren't for the otterbox. It's been knocked off my belt or flown off when I had to run, hit the solid concrete or ashpalt and it's still ticking no scratches. A downside is it does make the phone larger of course.
  9. I met him. And pretended to smash a beer bottle over his head. That sounds about right, I might even let him drink it first if his last post was hilarious enough
  10. That's a good consequence for sure. One I'd agree with absolutely given someone I care about, or anyone at all, might end up strapped to their front one day. Thanks,
  11. I want to meet shah too, don't give me a warning for that.
  12. Not a specific reply to you Jerry(previous poster) but off that line of thought. Is there a (current)legal point at which premeditated intention to use your reserve makes it no longer a 'reserve'. If you leave the aircraft with the 100% intention of deploying this reserve chute can it be said to be held in reserve? Could it be called just a second planned main deployment? (regardless of planform, branding, naming, being packed by a certified rigger ect)
  13. A very nice read, seems like a solid introduction to the sport and culture of skydiving by my limited experience so far. Thanks for putting it up for preview, much appreciate. I'll gladly refund that negative beer if we do cross paths eventually.
  14. Five internets?! What am I ever going to do with all these cats now :\, at least I can say I've got all the pussy I can handle now.
  15. So the classified says price negotiable. I here by bid -1 beer Gotta be optimistic sometimes.