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  1. This is just to make sure that everyone is aware of the recent decision by FAI/IPC to accept Wingsuiting as a competition discipline. They have also approved the bid by the UK to host the first World Cup in May this year. Sorry for the short notice but we already had those dates set to hold this competition anyway. The good news is that this means 2016 can be the first World Championships. The Facebook event is here and we will shortly be posting on a dedicated website page. https://www.facebook.com/events/776523132414122/?fref=ts Please contact me at [email protected] for any questions. Thanks, Jackie
  2. Well done ladies but I'm afraid we beat you to the docked line at FlocknDock 7 (2011). 5 Way docked line picture here, there is also a cool video by Matt Shroyer here: www.skycanyonws.com Flock & Dock 7 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=567666956602934&set=a.100498269986474.874.100000789042401&type=1&theater
  3. Video compilation by Mark Wane here: http://vimeo.com/41974865 I will post all the rounds shortly.
  4. What a fantastic weekend, thanks to everyone for coming along, especially our friends who travelled from Russia, Belgium and Ireland. We (ambitiously) held 3 events at the same time; Artistics, Performance and Tracking and some of our competitors entered all 3 which certainly kept our judges busy (thanks Klaus, Kate and Liz). The Artistics results: Senior Category (4 rounds) 1st - Defy Gravity (Russia) 80 points 2nd - Aquila (UK) 59.5 pts 3rd - Oxygen (Belgium) 51.5 pts Intermediate (3 complete rounds) 1st - The Flying Bobs (UK) 23.5 pts 2nd - Hazy Cosmic Jive (UK) 18 pts 3rd - Tartan Cluster (UK) 16.5 pts The Performance Competition results are here: http://www.paralog.net/ppc/showevent_compact.php?event=UK+Wingsuit+Competition+2012 Senior winner - Andre Taylor (S-Bird) 2nd place - Steve Thomas (S-Bird) 3rd place - Mike Williams (X-Bird) Intermediate winner - Sam Lamming (Phantom2) 2nd place - Mark Wane (Phantom 2) 3rd place - Redy Redfern (M-Bird) Tracking Competition 1st place – Ian (Angus) Gillespie 2nd place – Stu Storey 3rd place – Trevor Evans We had 28 competitors who did 205 jumps in 2 days and only 1 Flysight issue. Thanks Flysight, Tonysuits, PhoenixFly, Paralog, Vigil, Larsen & Brusgaard and APA Netheravon for prizes and support.
  5. Everything is in place for the competition this weekend. Looking forward to seeing lots of you there. Due to popular demand we now have 3 events; Performance, Artistics and Tracking. Fingers crossed that the British Weather is kind to us so we have time for some good flocks after the comp!
  6. For those of you in Europe next Spring, Netheravon are hosting a Wingsuit Competition 4-7 May 2012. We are holding both performance and artistics events during the weekend. We have 3 Caravans and a Skyvan for 4 days (the competition will be from Caravans) There will be fun organised loads after the event. Full details will be on www.netheravon.com website shortly. Facebook event here: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=193794027373063 Email: [email protected]
  7. We'll be there from 15th Dec. Paul and Elana are coming out on Xmas Day. (Can't wait!)
  8. Hi Simon Hungary is 9-19th August http://www.wingsuitboogie.hu/en/competition/2012 We are holding a UK competition (performance and artistics) 4-7 May 2012 at Netheravon, we'd love to see you there!! I will be posting soon, just confirming a few details. Jackie
  9. This got tested pretty well in the UK this weekend and was fantastic! 3.5m exit point from a skyvan at 120knts and you really want to be flying in the right direction back to the DZ! (We do occasionally have the odd bit of cloud over here) Thanks Luke
  10. Hey Jarno and FLB team, thanks for organising a great event and spending so much time and effort coaching us newbies. We're really glad we came along, the DZ team were fantastic and the atmosphere really friendly and fun.