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  1. Prior to the 'Herd Boogie' of 1980 I thought skydiving was a crazy sport. why? WOFO :) My wife's brother, Bill 'Wingding' Wendling, talked us into coming and watching the jumping activity at a boogie.We spent most of a Saturday afternoon watching skydiving at the 1980 Herd Boogie. I noted, without any exceptions, every single person who landed had this ear to ear smile. EVERY PERSON!!! And there were hundreds of persons. what!?! I at that moment in time knew I was missing something up there.Bill gave Donna and I 'Sky Calls' as a Christmas present. Fed us Parachutist magazines all winter. 3/21/81 i stepped out of an airplane for the first time, landing minutes later with my own big ear to ear grin. Bill's sister, my wife, exited the same plane on the pass prior to mine. She had never been inside an airplane prior to that day. Very proud of that woman! Maybe more interesting, she had a 'total' malfunction on her 2nd freefall using old gear with 'cones' and pins for closing. Rolled on her back and opened her gutter reserve....then two rounds out. She continued jumping. kids today have it mush easier!
  2. WY my stream was uninterrupted with the exception of two technical black screens from them. Only saying to provide that they seem to have good bandwidth out. on a side. will be watching again tonight . the coverage is good with good views. in 4 way FS, France is out front of Belgium by 10 points. all events are very well contested with outstanding flying.
  3. i am currently watching at 08:19 ET without any buffereing. Just watched Gravity 2 way dynamic speed round
  4. Great job of using your drone to assist in finding the lost canopy. Technology, logic and a determined canopy owner prevailed.
  5. Congratulations, I do not know of a more deserving or better person to own an airport. ENJOY to the max! Your Dad would be very proud of you making this purchase.
  6. First congratulations to my buddy Melissa for being chosen to be interviewed for the 'How Skydiving Changed My Life' series in Parachutist. Her story is in this Month's issue. I also want to point our to our Forum community that many of you where a help getting Melissa headed in the correct direction. I met her this summer when she made some jumps with us doing 4 way FS. During some of our talks I remembered reading the 1st post she made in the summer of 2010, which I'm including a link to here. She is now has her AFF ticket and has started flying camera. She has become one hell of a good skydiver. I'm really proud to know her and call her a friend. Way to go Melissa, keep it up! http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=3861367#3861367
  7. Zazzle.com very quick and good quality.
  8. I hope to be there around noon Thursday. 60 years old, 32 years in the sport and my 1st Nationals. Actually it is my first time competing in 4 way. Our team will be making more like training jumps then competing, but we are looking forward to a fun time. We are a new intermediate team, Nuclear Escalation, who just very recently received a commitment from a 4th person to train for next year. We have decide to start our 2014 training at this year's Nationals, so next year there should be fewer surprises. i hope I get to meet some of the DZ.com folks. Jim
  9. A huge 'Thank You' Spot. It takes a tremendous amount of your time to do these and prepare them. Your dedication to our sport and helping others never ceases to amaze me! I love your style of interviewing and presentation which makes me feel like I am there. jim
  10. If your dick is short enough to accidentally circumcise yourself while shaving your pubes with a straight razor. I'm thinking the chicks aren't loving much of anything.
  11. 3 people are looking for a fourth person to join a 'pick up' intermediate 4 way team for the ParacleteXP tunnel meet this weekend. If you have tunnel experience and you are interested in joining us, please send me a PM. 1 person wants to fly point. 2 of us will fill in any slot. We will probably not even be able to get any practice time. We're just looking to have some semi-serious fun. Jim
  12. At least we still retain the functionality of not needing to physically access the camera. We can use the RC to switch to the APP and we can use the APP to switch back to RC.
  13. I have a Black version I would expect the Silver to be similar. Ensure you have all camera updates completed In the WIFI menu you can choose between 'wifi-rc' and 'gopro-app'. Choosing one, disables the other on my camera. If WIFI is turned on and with the camera on. You can short-cut to the WIFI menu by just touching the side WIFI button. or mode toggle to wrench - select mode toggle to WIFI menu - select You should see 'off' 'wifi-rc', 'gopro-app' and 'cancel' options. That is the way the Black works. I ran though the menus and and tested it several times. Jim
  14. this is how I attacked the problem. I used a dremel Cut wheel to get it close. Sanding drum to finish shaping.