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  1. The following are images taken during an invite event in Sebastian on July 2007. Some of the flyers were there to brush up on their freefly formation skills and others are warming up for Chicago's Summerfest, where the 2007 Freefly World Record Attempts are going to be held. I definitely would like to say that it makes me happy to see the Florida freefly crowd enjoying good weekends like this! Thanks everyone :) To check out more photos from the weekend, click on my blog link below: Sebastian Freeflight Invite Jason Jerusalem [email protected]
  2. Thanks for the compilments Shim. Hey everyone, I know these are not canopies in flight, but here is a little twist on the Southeast CPC event in Sebastian. Hope you all like 'em! Jason Jerusalem [email protected]
  3. The photos are up! Below are the links to my blog, as well as the Photoreflect site for you all to enjoy. I hope you like them and it was fun doin' them. Take care and hope to see everyone in ZHills!! Jason's MySpace Blog Jason's PhotoReflect Site Jason Jerusalem [email protected]
  4. Thanx guys for the compliments. I'm very new as far as aerial photography, but it's been really fun experimenting with different shots. And yes, that's Katie's Trevor in the images. Good stuff good stuff! I took a bunch of portraiture-type shots of everyone who participated in the sequential event. You can check them out on the link to my MySpace page on the Blog section :) Jason Jerusalem [email protected]
  5. Skydive Sebastian on January 20-21, 2007. Flyers in the following images include... Jim Harris Tom Hayden Matty Wright Trevor Hill Adrian H. Sara Commandeur Chris Neel Chris Ash Yonatan Ran Emmet Buchanan Phillipe Thibodeau Dirk Seaton Jason Jerusalem [email protected]
  6. Matty Wright down in Sebastian, FL. Jason Jerusalem [email protected]
  7. 8-way flying over Skydive Sebastian during the Cross Keys Invasion. Jason Jerusalem [email protected]
  8. I'm in the same situation as you. I use the Canon 5D in the air (though i'm brand new to aerial photography) and the Mark II for work. I agree, it's an extremely heavy camera to push down on your neck, especially if you're adding a flash. I just had a helmet made by Wes and it fits my flash and 5D. So far, I'm lovin' it and it's working out well. Though I'm not sure how much longer Wes will be continuing to develop the CCMs. Good luck with your decision in this
  9. Freefly group exiting over Marathon Key, Florida (organized by Danny Koon) Jason Jerusalem [email protected]
  10. Mel Jerusalem flying solo w/ the Sebastian Inlet in the background Jason Jerusalem [email protected]
  11. Flying underneath a 5-way upright campfire (Sebastian, Florida) Jason Jerusalem [email protected]
  12. Luis Prinetto leading a tracking dive at sunset Jason Jerusalem [email protected]
  13. Tracy Elliot exiting over Skydive Sebastian Jason Jerusalem [email protected]