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  1. Wow, I'm really amazed how many people love those flex-z's and flexivisions. I've never had a chance to try anything else, so I don't really know any better, but they just don't seem good to me. Isn't your perepheral vision all distorted from the plastic being bunched into a cone on each side? It is for me. As far as them fogging up on the plane, well yeah, I wouldn't wear them the whole plane ride, but being I was in AFF, I pretty much put them on when the instructor told me to, right around 12000 feet. They would fog up by about 4 times before we'd make it to the 13000 foot jump. I'd have them pulled away from my face, shaking them around like a dork the whole time just to get past that last 1000 feet. Well, now I know that a lot of people do indeed think they are awesome goggles, however I still want to try something else first hand to see. I like the look of the other ones posted in the links, and the sorz ones that someone on here mentioned. They just look much more like a nice molded lens that would have no sort of distortion in the perepheral vision, or anywhere else, unlike the others that are all bunched up and distorted. Does anyone have any other opinions on these, good or bad? One person mentioned the foam can come off, I'm not too worried about that, I could use welder or shoe goo (some of the best glues ever), to permanently put it back on if needed. Are there any other good/bad things about them I should know? Also are those sorz brands in any way known as superior to the birdz wings, flare wings, etc? Or are they all pretty similar. The birdz wings are easy to find all over with free shipping, etc. The sorz seem much more rare, and I've only seen them on a couple dedicated skydive sites, and would end up costing twice as much since there would be shipping involved. Thanks.
  2. I just graduated AFF, bought my own helmet, and I want to buy my own pair of goggles. The ones my skydive place has, which they once told me are "some of the best goggles you can get". Look like they came out of a mcdonalds happy meal. You'll probably know the kind I'm talking about if I explain them. They are like cut out of a flat piece clear flexible plastic, and the two edges are sort of crunched together into sort of a cone shape on each side, so it really distorts any perepheral view. The band that is on them is basically the same band a girls hair tie is made of, with the ends poking through the holes in the plastic and tied in a knot to keep it there. They fog up within seconds (on the plane, not in the air), and most of the pairs they have are well enough used that they are really smudged and cloudy. I really have a hard time believing anybody thinks these are good goggles, unless maybe that guy was being sarcastic. Anyways, I want to buy my own pair, thats better. I just want to get the cheapest pair I can get as long as they aren't junk. I want a clear lens, no tint. These are the ones I've been looking at, are they any good? Any recommendations on better ones within the same price range, or even some cheaper ones? Birdz Wing Flare wing PS: I found some pictures of the type of glasses I was talking about earlier that my skydive place uses in case you didn't understand the description. The top 2 goggles on that page look like the ones I'm talking about.