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  1. Hi Jerry 33 years ago I got a package deal. A wife and a 401. Both are still going strong. Barney
  2. Thankyou, that will require a glass of wine or two. Barney
  3. Hi Jerry, Your observation skills over the top, I'll bet Cardinal Puff was a "piece of cake" for a man of your caliber. Barney
  4. gb1, re: your 1949 31-15. Do you know how to determine the age ? Maybe from the serial # ? I have a 31-20 I bought in '76 or '77 and have always wondered when it was born. Barney
  5. I'm with councilman, an open main in a gearbag with a quarter million miles on it has served me well. Barney
  6. Hi Jerry I have pics of my Classiflier but they exceed the maximum attachment size. PM me with a Email addy and I can shoot them to you. Barney
  7. Picture no. 3 shows a rectangular link on the harness. that was part of The Altitude Shops single point cutaway system that appeared on their Classiflier system. I don't recall seeing one of those on a Top Secret. I bought a Classiflier in about '78 or '79. Barney
  8. Fred Sand, back in '78 or '79 you had a DC3 at Kalispell city, and if I remember some of the cockpit markings were in Spanish. Do you know the history of that 3? I'm still working on the "Rainbow Magic" conversion, I thaven't forgotten you. Barney
  9. I believe the title was "Rainbow Magic" It ran about 45 minutes. I have a copy I got from Rande (Becky Livingstone) back in '79 or '80. Barney
  10. I made a couple of jumps at Spaceland in 1980. My first ever Otter jump was in 933MA (I think) . I filmed my girlfriends SCR jump labor Day 1980 and on the load was a local named Kevin who jumped shoeless and was always saying "This aint no disco". Then the GF got the SCR ritual. I remember the load had about 22 jumpers and/or observers and 933MA climed like a rocket. I have never been in a Otter that performed like that one. Maybe the pilots had no regard for Metro Airlines fuel. Then I flew back to Oregon and jumped out of worn out Cessnas. Regards, Barney