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  1. Really??? I've had nothing but problems dealing with him.
  2. cpives


    Yeah, it was a great team and a great time! Can't wait till we all get together again. Always feel spoilt after jumping with Patrick and the rest of you French guys!!!!
  3. cpives


    WHy thank you!!! Patrick Passe gets all the credit for it - the guy is amazing, even if he is French..... but he loves Les Ros Beef, so that's OK!!!!!
  4. cpives


    Cool. Did you start from a 16 way round with cats? No, it was one of Patrick Passe (bloody genius) ideas. A 4 way donut with an open accordian on each in the middle. Then a 6 way line (alternating in facing and out facing) between the ends of each open accordian. Then the centre donut broke grips and flew out to pick up the outer lines. Once they were picked up, they each dropped grips and flew forward and leg grips were taken to complete the in-out. I hope that makes sense......
  5. cpives


    Does look like it in that small pic, but I think you can still clearly see the guys hand is not on grips. But it is very clear in the large version I have here!!
  6. cpives


    And here it is..........
  7. cpives


    Just trying to find out coz we did a perfectly round 32 way in-out in Thailand last weekend...... No body there could remember hearing of a bigger one...
  8. cpives


    Anyone got any idea on what is the largest completed in-out built??
  9. Nelsons Eye in Cape Town or Petes Eats in Livingstone, Zambia......... I know they're not in the US, but hell, they do the best steaks on the planet.....
  10. The best EVER quote about the French comes from Mark Twain: "There's nothing lower than the Human Race, except the French."
  11. Well, you should try the Bodyflight Tunnel here in the UK........ 16 foot and they can probably stick a whole 4 way team to the roof.....
  12. Took cameras, just having too much damn fun to remember to use them!!!!!!
  13. SOunds just like my night too...... strange that! I can only compare it to the tunnel in Perris ( I have done an hour in there) and this is soooooooo much better it's out of sight. And dicksog, what do you mean the front of our sidebody floats???? I think the back end is full of fat b**tards!
  14. Who's the really tiny dude standing on the blokes knee?????