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Gear Reviews posted by Skybear

  1. Until today I saw my Cypres 2 only twice, once when it was new and once when I removed it from the rig for service. No need for battery changes, no defects, no bugs and no damages. That 's why I consider the Cypres 2 as the best AAD on the market. All you have to do is switch it on and then forget it. The 4-year service is worth its money, as Airtec guarantees that all expenses are covered by the fixed service fee. And they guarantee the 100% working condition over 12,5 years, which means 100% reliability without hidden extra costs in that period of time.

    The maintenance shows the ultimate degree of perfectionism in saving our lifes:
    Everything is checked, calibrated and replaced if necessary:
    -temperature stability
    -air pressure sensors
    -power consumption
    -new batteries
    -functional check
    -cutter check
    -electronic shielding check

    The absence of different jump modes is no problem for me, as I don't change the AAD between student, experienced and tandem rigs. It also results in less risk, because I don't have to care about me or other people which might change the setting by accident. When I have to change the mode sometime, maybe for swooping, Airtec will do it for free at the factory.