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Dropzone Reviews posted by Skybear

  1. Pullout Skydive is located at Gießen-Lützellinden (EDFL), about 45 km north of Frankfurt. Take exit "Wetzlar-Süd" from the Autobahn A45 and you are almost there.

    The dropzone has a well maintained Pilatus Porter, indoor and outdoor packing areas, rental gear, a big landing area, a small canteen and a good restaurant on site. Video debriefs are possible on a big screen in the packing area.

    The dropzone is operated from friday to Sunday and on national holidays from March to October. During the season there are several jump weeks when the dropzone is open all week. For this you should check the calendar on the dropzone's website.

    Manifest is doing a good job on balancing tandems and students versus licensed jumpers. On weekends the number of tandems per day is limited, so that even on a very busy day you will be able to make at least 4 to five jumps.

    Coaching is available on request in formation skydiving, freeflying and wingsuiting. Although there are no popular names amongst the coaches some of them are holding national records in their discipline, and all of them are very professional and safety-minded. On weekends you can meet small groups of fun-jumpers doing anything from solos to nine-ways. As the dropzone is not that big, there are no closed groups or teams and visitors are always welcome to join in.

    The landing area is divided into two sections. One for all and one for high-performance landings. Before you get in the plane for the first time you will get a briefing on local rules like this, which is part of the check-in at the dropzone.

    There is no rigging loft directly at the dropzone, but smaller problems can be fixed by local riggers during the day. For everything else you can leave your gear with the local shop and you will get it back one week later.

    When the jumpers call it a day it is time to enjoy a beer with friends at the terrace in front of the canteen, or at the restaurant. The food is reasonably priced and the quality very good. Meat-lovers as well as Fish-eaters or Vegetarians will find a good variety on the menu.

    Pullout Skydive is probably the best dropzone close to Frankfurt. The only thing that can be really wrong is the weather, but that applies to every other dropzone in this area as well. Enjoy your visit!