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  1. Just to answer a few questions. I was jumping my pulse with the old line set when I broke my wrist on a landing. I was jumping at my home dz when injured. My wing loading is 1:1.1. I had always had problems with the flare. After my injury P.D. issued a line set revision and the good folk at P.D. replaced the lines for free. I was just wondering what I could expect out of it with the new line set. If there's anyone out there who has jumped both line sets I would like to hear your thought on it. Thanks again.
  2. I was just wondering what people think about the flare on the pulse 190 with the revised line set I'm getting ready to go back jumping after breaking myself. I would like to hear all your comments good or bad. Thanks in advance.
  3. Skyride (7) doesn't seem so bad after all
  4. Very nice. I'd like to see what the shiny one looks like
  5. Item location: Shumen, Shumen, Bulgaria
  6. Haven't seen a week end numbers in a while so let me start off with some.-4-1. I had great jumps on saturday and beer owed for first jump on the new infinity
  7. I wish the mods would ban you.Reread the post above you.I had the same thing happen but it didnt result in a cutaway.
  8. plorensen

    Sorry ...

    Just curious how are the mods given their positions?
  9. plorensen

    Sorry ...

    Was it in the final banning 2010 thread?
  10. you could put one of these at the dz.Its better than where Im livin.
  11. may be a repost but still funny[;)