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  1. 2015ish Quattro, low batt has always been indicated. New batteries, tested and verified with mutli-meter, the unit still shows 1 bar of battery left. Anyone else have this? Mostly curious, no real adverse affects to operation and is a secondary unit.
  2. First jump was AFF. My first and likely last tandem was jump #101
  3. Most certainly. It's all relevant for my report. Thanks again.
  4. I googled this - AS8015-B - and came up with a few things but had to pay for them... what source is this coming from?? Can you link me please? Thanks
  5. Thanks for that. Mind if i use it in my report? (all this is for school)
  6. Hey guys and gals, I've been looking around for information on how long it takes for a reserve to fully deploy/inflate. I know there are a few different factors in this but a general starting point would help. thanks