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  1. jrjny

    Had a close call today

    I watched my buddy's girl landing in between hangars at DeLand (self supervised solo post AFF (2x jumps), after opening at 5k EXACTLY over the large novice landing area. That's how you get killed or paralyzed!
  2. jrjny

    Russian First Jump Course video :)

    so this is the new jetblue!
  3. jrjny

    GoPro on HR2 (Skysystems)

    that's my set-up and it's SOLID. Move it forward as much as possible, post a pic of yours.
  4. jrjny

    Pulse 260

    that should be a pretty easy ride at .80 - why didn't you go with the 230, just short of a 1:1
  5. jrjny

    Jeff CASA