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  1. nice sig when you highlight it
  2. I definitely agree with you from a logical standpoint, though with the benefit of some hindsight I would recommend considering maximum risk mitigation. The more experience you have the more 'moments' you'll experience where the gravity of the sport becomes much more apparent. Most likely they simply serve to improve your awareness but they also may hurt. Treat every jump like it can kill you. If you reasonably believe you do that with or without a camera, great. If a minor distraction 'might' cause you to stray from your safety procedures, be aware. It's not a carnival ride. best, Jeff
  3. jrjny

    Are you greedy??

    If you didn't pursue the life you DID you'd have quite the opposite perspective. 'Could have worked harder....what if I did more...if I only....fill in the blank' You're not describing greed. Jeff
  4. These guys have tons of - probably find a comical one in one of the categories. http://www.trophydepot.com/Automobiles-cars-/C215_1/ Maybe a car trophy? best, Jeff
  5. what i've learned in no particular order: Eloy who sets the pattern: - first down (yep - any sign yet?) - windsock / do what you feel like Mile Hi fences/powerlines/holes in the ground Deland anyone could jump here without any briefing just watch the runways Z-Hills lots of people landing at same time Raeford watch the spot, winds are a bit shifty/come n go nature Connecticut Parachutists When there's snow everywhere you might not find the LZ! Skydive Long Island Stay away from tandem LZ otherwise anyone could jump without a briefing
  6. The one time I did it I ended up out of control and open at 1500ft. Jump 28 maybe. Track hard, look over shoulder, nice big wave-off. best, Jeff
  7. take some Ibuprofen, ice it for a day or two and use a hard foam roller to stretch out the muscle. If in a week or 2 it's not resolved you probably have a more serious injury. MRI's are dime a dozen around here - good of US of A. J
  8. something I keep in mind - if I would be hesitant to land downwind on the runway, it's probably too fast. I could getaway with that but I'm loaded at basically 1 to 1. Wouldn't be excited about it but would have confidence. my 2 cents - not attacking 'ya Jeff
  9. I watched my buddy's girl landing in between hangars at DeLand (self supervised solo post AFF (2x jumps), after opening at 5k EXACTLY over the large novice landing area. That's how you get killed or paralyzed!
  10. Make sure you have good gloves - if you're nervous it will seem even colder. Otherwise it's not bad, thicker air. DZ may be a little slow.
  11. I wouldn't do it until you're making bank. It's just lots of money and slow progress and the amount you budget will always be the minimum. You don't want to be distracted by paying for the jumps, only the jumps themselves. my 2 cents, pun very much intended.