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  1. I thought you were going to say, "He would make a good one". he would
  2. If Kirby isn't a troll, then he is going to be very lonely at the dz... Bad form...
  3. This is the lowest mount you can get. I have an extremvu mount for my contour, but seems they are closed.
  4. That looks like a definite pc in tow to me... Bridle from pc going under the side flap.
  5. If i can pack for the next jump , the previous one was successful.
  6. Does anyone have or know of where I can get this full video of the incident in the pic attached?
  7. Doesnt look like that guy even has goggles on... distraction?
  8. Morne

    First solid sit

    I would suggest get one ASAP. You can lose altitude awareness very quickly , and that is all it takes to go low fast.
  9. My hanging from the strut jumps years ago went great because: Dont launch off , just drop . Keep spread eagle good arch. Keep looking at the instructor in the door. DONT LOOK DOWN lol , then you tumble
  10. Yeah i've seen it a couple of times too. Definitely him.
  11. Maybe you didnt see the drug trafficking jumps at midnight... Does nobody watch Cutaway anymore
  12. CoutourHD 1080p has multiple options for resolution, frame rate, and field of view. The one I use 99% of the time is 1280x720, 60 fps, 135 degree field of view. Its plenty wide. Contour with Xtremevu mount
  13. Consider getting a contour with xtremevu mount.. much safer
  14. In other words... jumper 2 is a moron who did no homework and jumper 1 got some quick education. It's still just another analogy. There's no reason why jumper 2 can't be as safe as jumper 1. It's all about the individual and the steps they take to educate themselves in becoming a more aware jumper. Taken the right steps, camera flier 2 can be just as safe as flier 1 and vice versa. Personally I would feel more comfortable doing what jumper 2 does - with the added briefings etc for camera. I would just want to jump straight into 4 way filming.
  15. If you really need your camera to have a lcd screen , rather go for the Drift HD 170 Much better shape and is currently used by some skydivers.
  16. Skydive helmet in that price range. [img][/img] I would rather go for the skydive helmet...
  17. My ZP 170 also has slow opening end cells , its loaded at 1.1 about. Its not a problem though.
  18. You cant be that busy every saturday morning?
  19. That is a highly negative view imho. I am alive when I leave the plane and I plan to stay that way until im on the ground , and should I lose consciousness or be unable to pull my handle , I will rely on my aad (as a backup) .
  20. Thanks Hellis for the info Have you compared it with and without the lens to determine how much more viewing space you get? % wise what would you say?