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  1. very nice opening....smooth and long cery light presure togle very fast forwward but unstabele in dz is windy an turbulence dz....and is not funy to jump in big turbulence....must be awer all the time... few time my canopy colapse 20-40% but recover very fast and land ok...... If the dz is not turbulent you will be very hapy with this recover alot of distance on the bad spoting situations...... is very radical on tuns you can scary the pasanger very easy.......
  2. :) i geast reciev firs 3 M2 unit 2 student and 1 expert....allrady instaled the expert..... It was a very fast delivery (1 week)... thank`s for that to my dealer. The unit looks greath..... Cutter looks very rigid and all contructions is solid.
  3. Hi Please can sombodi to help me with a link for user manual at a NEXT TANDEM (german system made by PARATEC)? my e mail is [email protected] Thank`s
  4. A new bussines with skydive activity in Romania. Dz is a large airfield common with a military base and AR, 3-4 simultaniusly activities airplanes, gliders, motogliders, but good air traffic control. Brand new rental gear from Aerodyne. An-2 plain, not a fast machine but very comfortable 10000ft. Very good pilot. Good Dz for tandem jump....
  5. adibuzz


    I bought one last year, used it for tandems and until now have not had any bad surpises. The tech application service is cool. Look`s great.
  6. We open the new season. we wait peaple to start skydiving with us (tandem or S/L), to make few nice jump close to the Black See and is posibil to land on the beach. Also is posibil to make short trip with airplan to visit romanian Black See coast. Great place for skydiving and fun.
  7. Hi I have 5 jump with NEXT rigg (Quadra V-Tec 150) articulated and alien skin fabric. Great rigg very goog quality, very good fit to me. EXELENT Adrian
  8. Hi Pls riggers i need some advice about STRONG tandems: 1. Is ok to use a main SET 400 with 10 yers old and 1200 jumps? 2. Harnes 8 yers old and 800 jumps Pls i need some sugestion etc. I`m original from Romania and heare is a lack of information about this problem. Thank`s Adrian