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  1. Dec 20 2009 was my First Jump Course. I found my way to Elsinore while working on a project in the LA area...It’s a wonderful place that I already miss (was just there a day ago) and can’t wait to return. It is the place and the people who introduced me to this awesome sport. I rate Elsinore high in all categories for good reason...and this is why: *Professionalism - "How they treat you regardless of your experience level"...I was the epitome of newbie…It must have been stamped across my forehead (and could still be). From my first encounter with the girls in the sales office through my last jump at this place, I was amazed. Everyone was helpful, pleasant, and very professional…they go above and beyond. *Vibe – “Friendliness, Cliques…”…I did see many of the same people hanging with each other. Would I consider these cliques??? Not really…I see it more as people/friends spending time together that share comparable skill and ability levels in a technical and challenging sport (as I think it should be). Regardless, everyone was very friendly, upbeat, inviting, and encouraging. *Aircraft – Two Twin Otters/Super Otters with good drivers. *Facilities – A long list which includes: RV parking and hookups, a camping area (on some nice grass), bunkhouse, bathrooms (…nice clean bathrooms), showers, snack bar/grill, classrooms, team rooms, covered/shaded packing area, creeping area, TV’s to view videos…and a nice and large landing area that is well maintained. *Services – rigging, load organizers, rentals, and a gear shop (friendly staff). Elsinore’s best service (in my opinion)…the Instructors, coaches, and videographers. They are professionals in every way that go the extra mile. As someone new to the sport, I was looking for certain things (however, at the time, I didn’t know what those things were)…safety, outstanding instruction, a sense of belonging, honest feedback on performance, and confidence (in my instructors and from my instructors) and fun filled. *Location – Elsinore is very accessible (about 2 miles off I-15). In addition, multiple airports in the area provide a good alternative to the time/distance/difficulty of LAX. It wouldn't be justice if I said the scenery is beautiful…snow capped mountains to the east and a view of the coastline to the west (unforgettable through the mind’s eye). My only regret with Elsinore…only 19 jumps. It is a place everyone can enjoy. If you are just getting into the sport (like me) and want great instructors and a wonderful experience, this is the place. And, I suspect that if you are experienced and want to further develop or expand your skill set, they have the instructors for that too. Did I mention the scenery is awesome? Thanks for the experience, Kirby