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  1. Optima has been great for me too. I like it much better than a pro track I used to have, canopy alarms are so nice. It doesnt log your jumps though, i have another device for that(viso).
  2. Z1 is one of the worst full face helmets I ever tried. I bought one used, jumped maybe twice with it and sold it. Feels very cheap(although it isn't..), it's plastic(won't protect much) and the paint comes off from the smallest scratch and the white plastics shows under it.. not cool at all. I would get a factory diver, much better quality.
  3. I use this method too. You dont have to make it "small and thick" for the same principles to apply.
  4. I've demoed Spectre and Pilot too, and jump sabre2 myself. Both those open a bit better, but I prefer flying charasteristics of sabre2.. especially flare. I guess this is one of those questions other people can't answer for you, all those canopies have different advantages and it comes down to what you value in yours.. edit: corrected typo
  5. yeah immediately came to my mind too.. I would start by trying out if it does the same thing when recording SD video. If not, go and get some class 6 card.
  6. get optima for audible instead of pro track, you'll save money and get canopy alarms that will come in handy later on. I can't really think of a reason to get the combination you mentioned..
  7. Cueb


    I had exactly the same experience when i bought my suit 2 years ago, they answered my first email and ignored the rest. but I got the suit after like 10-12 weeks. I since bought a suit from sonic, way better in all ways, especially customer service..
  8. i use foobar2000 with iPod Manager plugin. Very simple and I like it. It works with iPhone so it should work with ipod touch too.
  9. so true. Thank god we don't have to do that sign off part in where I live.
  10. I have a Viso2. I think it's good value for money. Even though it doesnt have computer connection and may take a while to learn the user interface, it's accurate and reliable and costs about 130-140 dollars less. If you don't want to play around with the data on a computer, I think Viso does the job nicely. It does log the jumps. Handy when filling out the logbook after the day, but it's not really too great a logging device. It shows jumps, jump number, free fall time per jump and that's about it. But I use mine as an altimeter and as such have had no problems with it.
  11. the document listed here begs to differ somewhat... usual disclaimers .... ;) I know. Also, please notice that the file you referenced is 7 years old. Vector3 uses a reserve spring with up to 45lbs strength (40 to 45 lbs, it is). check the date and post of the author.. "06/05/09 at 06:49 AM" not arguing the point nor claiming any accuracy, just as a matter of discussion based upon things said here. In that post is stated that he got answer from one manufacturer, which by quick googling seems to be representing riggin innovations. So, doesnt mean other manufacturers are up to date. Acctually I heard a rigger had tested the reserve pilot chute on a new mirage recently and it was over 20kg(45lbs), cant remember the exact number.
  12. The audible is always an independent unit. For audible your helmet needs to have a pocket. On mindwarp('pimp daddy') there's usually one on the liner of the helmet.
  13. yeah well a wing loaded 1.9 is a bit different animal :) I suppose the reason for cutaway was the lack of altitude for controllability testing.
  14. I've also heard of a case where covers didn't release on wings after packing it wrong. Cut it away no problem.