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  2. This is no place for logical conclusions.
  3. looks like they snagged the domain for Samoa as well ... or just went with the wingsuit domain hack
  4. I went from PF suits (venom, V4) to Squirrel (C1 at the time), and the learning curve was huge for me - figuring out proper body inputs for desired response, etc. It was weird at first, then I loved it. I found the Aura to handle similar, just better in almost every way. Everyone figures out suits differently, and we all have our preferences. I only said it was an awesome suit (IMO, but I believe that is implied), nothing about it being good for big suit introductions or not. As for resale, time will tell. Suit choice all depends on what you want to do in the sky... as long as we're all having fun. *Group Hug*
  5. I had about 70 jumps on my Aura this summer when I chose to get some modications done to it (personal choice, the suit had zero problems with it). I jumped my C1 as a back up and was smiling ear to ear the entire flight; I forgot how much fun that suit was (along with its performance & responsiveness). I doubt I will ever get rid of it. I don't think you can compare the C1 to the C2 too much, as they are in a different class, both in planform and design - all purpose BASE vs. speed/performance/agilty (not saying you can't do both with either, just looking for differences). In short, if you're on a budget, you can score an awesome suit for cheap with a used C1. Dooo iiit.
  6. If you plan on using the suit for skydiving only, why not just remove the 'innie-outie' system? Unstich the zipper and move it up the the width of your MLW (or adjust the zipper location to the perfect spot for your rig/body, and sew up any remaining undesired opening), leaving a permanent fixed hole where your MLW will come out when the zipper is closed - yet attaching your suit to the rig stays the same.
  7. jpengel

    Phoenix Fly

    You continue to fail to understand the main source of my problem with PF during my order: their lack of communication. As I mentioned to you before, had PF asked for payment upfront or provided me with an invoice I would have promptly paid them. They did not; therefore, your comment is, once again, irrelevant.
  8. jpengel

    Phoenix Fly

    This is precisely the action I took during my order, yet I received no response to any of my emails sent to PF. No solution provided. It has also been my past experience that smaller companies usually provide far better customer service than larger companies, not the other way around as you suggest.
  9. jpengel

    Phoenix Fly

    There was no confusion, only PF not responding to my emails and PF giving my dealer sparse and incorrect information. This might help with your confusion. I joke, but I would say it is partially accurate.
  10. jpengel

    Phoenix Fly

    Personally, I would never take orders for a custom product without payment upfront, so yes I did find that odd. However, Phoenix Fly did not require or ask for upfront payment, and my previous orders for suits were taken, confirmed, and received without it. I was placing my order the way PF had requested. Had they provided myself or my dealer with an invoice that required payment before the suit construction would begin, I would have payed it. They did not. I was in contact with my dealer and PF directly throughout the duration of my order. I do not see this as a problem with the dealer as my direct emails to PF were left unaswered.
  11. jpengel

    Phoenix Fly

    You seem to have overlooked the main point of my comment: PF's communication, or lack thereof, with their customers. Even though payment was neither an issue or previously mentioned, I will address it anyway. At the time of my orders, PF (or my dealer) did not require nor did they ask for upfront payment. I would have been happy to pay upfront; but, PF decides how they take orders and what is required, not the customer. If payment had been an issue, I imagine they would have: 1) Not made and sent some of the suits that I had ordered, 2) stated it a requirement in the email that confirmed my order or 3) mentioned it in a response to my status update requests. They did not.
  12. jpengel

    Phoenix Fly

    I will start my comment off with the fact that I believe PF makes a quality product. I used to be quite the PF fanboy, owning 5 different suits at one time. I have enjoyed seeing the progression, new ideas and healthy competition between brands and I am grateful for what PF has done to push the direction and performance of wingsuits from the beginning. Every interaction with any members of the PF team I have had IN PERSON have been excellent. My interactions with PF as a company, however, have been quite different. I have seen a lot of these type of posts, where someones order gets unattended to, they make a post and then instantly there is a response from PF and there are claims that the mentioned scenario is an anomaly or a fallacy and then all is well. I haven't chimed in for it not being worth my time; but, I disagree with your comments, so much in fact that I feel necessary to share my experience. I am going to have to disagree with that statement as much as humanly possible. Attached is a screenshot of an email I sent to PF (to two different addresses, info and a direct email) summarizing my most recent experience with PF; I was a return customer at this point and my previous order took a little long but was uneventful. Long story short: orders placed, multiple emails with zero respones, responses to my dealer with incorrect information and egregious differences in expected wait time. I have also not received any response from this email as of this posting. (A side comment on one of the orders specifically: I emailed PF about my V5, which was already 5+ months out, before going to Kjerag, as I wanted to skydive the suit and then take it there for heliboogie. I received no response. Much to my chagrin, when I arrived I saw several (5-10) known wingsuiters with V5's. This surprised me as I could not even get a return email commenting on the status of it. No love for the little guy, I guess. I chose not to bring it up with the PF team that was present and to instead enjoy my time in Norway.) ***Sadly some people don't have the courtesy and patience to deal with these matters the way its usually sorted. And instead resort to more aggressive ways. Ways that are not needed, as customer service always works with the client to provide a solution that everyone is happy with. My experience does not mimic this statement. There were many ways I could have handled this situation/multiple related situations, and that was after waiting over 10 months for a suit (where posted wait times were nothing close to this) and with zero contact from the manufacturer - which I think is quite courteous and patient on my behalf. As a repeat customer who had already spent thousands, and would have been on track to spend thousands more with your new suits that are being released, I found this lack of customer service quite odd, to say the least. There was zero resolution provided and I was far from happy. My solution to the matter was simple: I am no longer a PF customer. I sold all of my PF suits and chose to take my money and business elsewhere. I do hope that this type of experience is a thing of the past and PF has grown to be able to support the increasing demand of the wingsuiting population. I am looking forward to seeing what people can achieve in your new suits, especially with your continued unvalidated claims of their performance; but, I will not be one of them.
  13. I heard rumors of a new suit (V5-R?) in Euroland this fall. Something with a V5 leg wing and larger armwing, a suit in between the V5 and Viper. And that a few guys were jumping prototypes. Watching a particular internet movie series, where the main guys fly PF suits, has shown such a suit. Attached is a screenshot. New suit on the left, V5 on the right. Let the speculation begin.
  14. Of course it is when the wings aren't inflated and you aren't gliding towards the earth. The same user made a post last week, stating he ordered his suit 8 months ago.;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread