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  1. I thought "major repairs" had to be done by a Master rigger or the manufacturer
  2. I feel it's another snag point on the rig. If you never jump with the RSL connected there's little to be gained by having it dangle next to your 3-ring release. Just to answer some of the questions asked in the thread from my perspective: -My current rig doesn't have an RSL(not a Jav) -My next rig will(also unlikely to be a Jav) -I will pack a Javelin with no RSL as long as the hook velcro is covered with a piece of pile velcro -I will remove an RSL from a Javelin at the owner's request, but will recommend that he keeps it on -I wouldn't cut the guide rings off If I had to deal with the US regulations I'd just say that as a rigger I get to assemble a rig as long as I think the components are compatible, and then go on say that I think the rest of the components are quite compatible with or without the RSL. I think the removal of an RSL(just the lanyard) is just re-configuring the rig. Calling it "an alteration" is a stretch.
  3. I've heard the same story about the Russians dropping troops in snowbanks to get them quickly to the Finnish front during the Winter War. Apparently they stopped when the Finns started painting the rocks white. The story is, of course, complete and utter bullshit.
  4. Sparky's got it more or less. The purpose of the Rigging wiki is to write a manual that would always be more or less in date. A discussion forum would serve another purpose, namely the exchange of ideas and information, keeping up to date, asking questions and getting them answered. I think a riggers' forum either here at DZcom or at PIA would be very useful. Personally I think I'd prefer it at PIA.
  5. "Islam is a peaceful religion", "Most muslims just want to live in peaceful co-existence with everyone else". I see. We are seeing the whole muslim world boycotting everything from a whole country over 12 cartoons. People are burning Danish and Norwegian flags("Scandinavia, the great Satan!"). Danish military is getting threatened in Iraq. Bomb threats. Calling ambassadors home from Denmark. Islam just isn't willing to co-exist with people whose views differ from theirs. If anyone had been slightly persuaded to think that democratic western countries can live in peace with the Islamic world, that's all blown to hell now. You don't see fundamentalist christians getting all bent out of shape when someone publishes a cartoon depicting Jesus or God. (
  6. A related point: The answer to the question "How do you know this pilot chute is cocked?" is not "There's a coloured bit showing in the window" but rather "Because when hanging the pilot chute from the bridle, the apex of the pilot chute is hanging on level or below the skirt.*)". Apex: The highest part of the PC, where the handle attaches Skirt: Where the fabric meets the mesh *) Applicable to pilot chutes made to the RWS specs that most manufacturers follow. PdF pilot chutes, for example, are cocked when the "apex of the pilot chute is hanging not quite on level but only slightly above the skirt."
  7. Yup, I agree. I do like my PdF toggles. Enough to have modified my Aerodyne risers to take the PdF toggles. The combination of the pin used to lock the brakes, and the material used in the making of the toggle itself makes the toggles very low-profile, and as such much less likely to be knocked off by a rapidly descending slider. Many people don't like them for any of the following reasons: -The brakes are "fiddly" to set: the pin needs to go through the cats-eye, over the ring, and through the cats-eye again, which makes it a bit more work to set the brakes. -The narrower material makes the toggles more likely to "bite" into your hands, many people find this uncomfortable. -Some people are even put off by the fact that the toggle has a metal pin in it; the reasoning being "If I fall down holding the pin next to my hand, it might hurt me, being sharp and metal and pointy." I like my PdF toggles, I'm not trading them for anything else(until something better comes on the market, of course).
  8. >Why not use a non-collapsable PC? Because they seriously degrade the flight performance of canopies. Not such a big deal with big student canopies, but it becomes quite noticeable in the sub-200sqft range, and with canopies smaller than, say, 170-150sqft you are going to have trouble landing them due to lack of airspeed.
  9. Why not make software right the first time? Because you want to get it out NOW to start making money. You get to sell new versions every year or so, and any major bugs can be sorted out with patches. 2000 years ago, God must've been thinking "Gee, these humans are getting pretty smart. If I wait for another couple of thousand years, they'll be way too smart to believe in me". So, He sent Jesus to Palestine when the people where still gullible enough to buy the stories of a street prophet who knows a few neat party tricks like turning water into wine and stuff. While Jesus is laying the groundwork, God is sweating in his study writing His Word. A few hundred years pass, and He decides "Bloody hell, it's good enough as it is, I'll release the beta version by inspiring a few believers to write it. I'll see how it works and release a Service Pack(KingJames1.0) in a thousand years or so." Did this answer your question?
  10. Ah, but the whole point of the card was that you didn't need to do fingerprint or retina scans or voice recognizion or tissue samples, since those are so complicated. It was just the card. A small downside was the fact that "identity theft" became incredibly easy. Just take the card.
  11. You can experience all of that and more if you emigrate to Chicago! Our weather makes Helsinki seem like a tropical island paradise and our gangstas are the real deal. Plus, we have Kallend here … Wow! I'd get to live in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave too! Where do I sign?
  12. You're Australian, right? I don't know about Denmark but Finland is really close by, how about that? We could swap places. You go and enjoy the 6 "jumpable" months each year, I'll come to Oz and deal with the gangstas. How about it? It's always greener on the other side...
  13. I wholeheartedly agree. However, in my book, it was a "good bad movie". Sort of "bad enough to be good again". I love watching Dropzone. "Save him, Swoop!" And Cutaway. "You have to go faster!"
  14. >I may have heard somewhere that a skyray landing is being worked on... People land gliders and airplanes all the time. What's the big deal?
  15. I tried contacts for a few times but I kept fishing them from my goggles after landing, so now I'm sticking to my specs. I'll get some prescription goggles when I get rich.
  16. I need some help from someone with experience with the Mediawiki software. There's no money in it, but instead great glory and fame. On second thought, maybe not even that. If someone feels like lending me a hand, drop me a PM. Thanks. Erno
  17. This is something we used to do in school during boring lectures. You need a piece of grid paper and pencil or a pen. You start by drawing a series of dots in a cross shape(see attachment). Then you start the (one-player) game. Every turn, you first add a dot to an intersection of the grid lines. Then, you draw a vertical, horizontal or a diagonal line that passes through 5 dots. Repear as many times as possible. The lines may not overlap, but they may cross each other. So, does this game have a name? Or does anyone know anything else about it, like the maximum score you can get? For me it tends to jam around 60-70 lines.
  18. Yeah, I've lived in the Netherlands for almost a year. The Dutch spelling, while not exactly simple, has in my perception much less exceptions to rules than English. I might be wrong but that's the feeling I got.
  19. A wingsuit flight isn't the time or the place to learn the vary basics of RW(and by RW I mean relative work in all disciplines), things like "dock with no momentum" and all that stuff. The basics need to be learned while flat flying. Of course, some people will say that it can be done while freeflying, but I think trying to learn RW basics in FF is just as bad as trying to do it with wingsuits. Once a jumper has a solid foundation in RW, he or she can add to the mix new things like new body positions(sit, head-down) or a wingsuit. No-one should try to learn to freefly or to fly a wingsuit at the same time they are trying to figure out why "docking on level" is supposed to be a good idea. Did this clear it up for you?
  20. I've seen this years ago myself. The thing that caught my attention was that all the changes in the "first two years" would be kompletely possible without really changing anything. You can't go further than that sinse double letters are pronounsed different from singles in many kases. The spelling of English is the most komplikated of any language that I've studied, with the exception of Hebrew. I think you English speaking people should start fixing it. To start with, do those three changes. Then, you kan re-introduse eth and thorn to get rid of ðe french influensed "th" kombination. (ðese letters were in use in Old English, but ðeir use was gradually dropped after ðe Norman konquest of England. Oh, damn, ðe "qu"-kombination must go as well. ...Norman konkwest.) So, ðis message would read: I've seen ðis years ago myself. ðe þing ðat caught my attention was ðat all ðhe changes in ðe "first two years" would be kompletely possible wiðout really changing anyþing. You can't go furðer ðan ðat sinse double letters are pronounsed different from singles in many kases. ðe spelling of English is ðe most komplikated of any language ðat I've studied, wið ðe exception of Hebrew. I þink you English speaking people should start fixing it. To start wið, do ðose þree changes. ðhen, you kan re-introduse eð and þorn to get rid of ðe french influensed "th" kombination. (ðese letters were in use in Old English, but ðeir use was gradually dropped after ðe Norman konquest of England. Oh, damn, ðe "qu"-kombination must go as well. ...Norman konkwest.) Ok, I'll give an extra couple of years for the new(old) letters... but the c's and ph's must go. You had better start practicing, for when I am the Evil Overlord of the world I'll make the new spelling mandatory. -- "Fase down in the mud!"
  21. No they wont. Both the solo skydiver and the tandem pair will drift the exact same amount after they've been in freefall for a while. The speed they'll drift at will be the speed of the winds aloft. The tandem pair will take a bit longer to adjust to the wind speed since they have more momentum than the solo skydiver. Think about it; if you're doing RW with a tandem and you're facing perpendicular to the wind, do you have to side-slip to stay relative to the tandem? No. Anyone with actual knowledge of physics, please feel free to correct me. (John Kallend? Anyone? Anyone?)
  22. >I don't use tube stows, can you teach me how to make rubber bands? Sure: Take an inner tube from a bicycle and cut to size. It does work but they don't last quite as long as Keener bands. And they tend to be a bit dirty if it was a used tube.
  23. Do I get to pick the colony? I'll take a ticket to Australia or NZ please.
  24. Does it? The genes don't care how long you live, they just care about how long you are able to breed. For this reason diseases such as Alzheimer's will not be eradicated by evolution, since the people it affects are not going to breed anyway. Having children later in life wont select for longer lives until people are breeding until their death. Oops. I actually thought that "devolve" is a real word. Well, it is, but not in the sense I was using it("evolving backwards"). What kind of traits do you think would be selected for in a sugar-rich, couch-filled environment? Can you think of any traits that would actually improve an individuals chances of breeding in such an environment? Resistance to diabetes? Diabetes is quite treatable a the moment. Of course, since it still does kill people, people prone to diabetes are slowly selected against. What else? Can you think of any traits that used to be beneficial but are now working against us? The next question is: Is our sugar-rich, couch-filled environment going to survive for long enough for evolution to have chance to do its thing? Things are changing so rapidly in the modern society that there may not be an environment long-lived enough for evolution to take place.
  25. Yes! These days, being a dumbass doesn't mean that you're going to be Simba's lunch. However, if you're really dumb, you'll end up on Darwin Awards by blowing your nuts off or something. Maybe there's still hope... Just kidding. The human race is doomed.